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This pandemic has been the best thing to ever happen to your hair ! Seriously!

Sabina Karac

By: Sabina Karac

Think about it ! We haven’t been going out much and no more calculating what days of the week to wash your hair based on going out. Honestly life changing ! Better yet not washing your hair is honestly soo much better for it as well ! When you wash you hair you strip it of oils used to keep your hair moisturized.

There has always been this misconception that you HAVE TO WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY! NO! DON’T DO IT ! I promise your hair will thank you. Our hair needs those oils to keep it healthy ESPECIALLY my blondes out here, let’s face it you need all the moisture you can get especially when water quality and UV rays do a great job of stripping hair alone. A prime example it look at children’s hair, they don’t color their hair but they do wash their hair and go outside often in the sun, and are always in dire need of detangler.

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By: Sabina Karac (

Coming back to work my clients are literally raving about how much their hair has improved because they haven’t been washing it as much ! Especially the clients who used to wash their hair everyday prior to the pandemic. Going even from washing it everyday to every other day makes such a difference like you wouldn’t believe. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself! It won’t be easy if you are a serial hair washer but here are some tips to ease you into it especially when you are working from home and no one will see you !

First you need to get some dry shampoo! This will be you best friend through the transition period ! This will absorb the oils and be a day extender for your wash and get you through to the next day without washing it !

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You will also want to get into the habitat of brushing your hair. I know what your thinking, why am I brushing my oily hair, it’s actually to help distribute the oils throughout your hair strand, spreading those oils. As you notice when it’s closer to the time of washing your hair your scalp would be super oily while the closer you go to your ends, your hair is pretty dry this is where the brushing comes in to help spread those oils!

Last but not least, braiding! I strongly suggest braiding your hair as opposed to tying it into a ponytail or a tight bun. When you braid your hair you put way less tension on your hair with the hair band. Doing tight ponytails or tight buns often can ultimately lead to tension receding hairlines and/or hair breakage, no one wants that. You can do one or 2 braids , regular, fishtail, or dutch, it doesn’t matter as long as it is not too tight and allows your scalp to breathe.

You got this ! Give it a try and come out of this pandemic with fabulous and healthy hair !

Sabina Karac, is the global style editor for She is one of the world’s top hair and clothes stylists. Also a model. She can be reached at or on Insta: @sabina.karac. Comment below with your queries about hair and style, to have Sabina answer them for you.

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