The surprising health benefits of a glass of wine!

The Health Benefits of Wine
Health Benefits of Wine

By: Tamar Tsikhelashvili

While some consider having a glass of red wine in the evening a luxury, others look at it as an everyday health drink!

10 Health Benefits of Red Wine

  • #1. Rich in antioxidants.
  • #2. Lowers bad cholesterol.
  • #3. Keeps heart healthy.
  • #4. Regulates blood sugar.
  • #5. Reduces the risk of cancer.
  • #6. Helps treat common cold.
  • #7. Keeps memory sharp.
  • #8. Keeps you slim.

In today’s world, wine has become such an important part of daily lives, having lunch? Have some wine with it.

Not only is wine good with your food, but a glass of wine goes a long way. Especially red wine. A glass of red wine a day, preferably to drink late in the evening or before going to bed, can become a part of your night time routine. Remember, everything has limits, and excess drinking will cause more harm than good. The universal golden ratio, a glass of wine a day will keep your blood vessels healthy and strong, and your skin glowing.

What are the exact benefits and why should we be encouraged to drink a glass of wine a day? First things first, antioxidants. Wine is rich in antioxidants, and they have properties of preventing cellular damage. They are the chemicals that serve a protective role to cells, caused by inflammation.

Many suffer from both inflammation and oxidative stress, which is defined as the inability of cells to produce and store enough oxygen in the cells and tissues of a body. So what comes to the rescue along with other medical treatments? – wine. Wine can treat oxidative stress and inflammation in the most natural way possible. Especially red wine, which enriches our body with antioxidants.

Wine is a healthy drink in moderation!

So why is it recommended to have a glass of red wine for health benefits preferably over white wine? As we know, grapes are known to have a high amount of antioxidants, but red wine grapes have more of those properties than white ones, so it will increase the antioxidant levels in your blood at a greater extent. The high antioxidants have such a big value, that regular consumption of a small amount of wine can actually make you live longer, yes it sound funny, how can a glass of wine affect your body so much? Compounds that are found in the tannins of red wine, have cardiovascular healing properties.

We have already mentioned how it affects the body, but we shall talk about how the moderate use of a glass of red wine a day can be prone to a positive change in our bodies and lifestyle? Wine, has a big toll on mental health. It is proven, that if a person consumes 5-7 glasses of wine a week, are less likely to suffer from depression. We are not concluding the fact that wine cures depression, it simply rather helps a person relax.

Most expensive wines of the world!

Glowing skin? How do we clear up our skin from breakouts? – it’s a simple answer, wine. Consuming wine regularly, which as already mentioned, is full of antioxidants, will result in glowing skin. This very simple but very rich and important chemical property is the best compound to benefit from. You are what you eat and drink!

Wine is rich in resveratrol, which is a chemical property, often found in many plants. This chemical can be beneficial to cutting cancer off the charts for regular wine consumers. It helps to lower the cholesterol levels in blood, help strengthen the eyesight by controlling the rapid growth of the blood vessels in the eye area. This chemical property is also responsible for having increased retention of vocabulary and a faster paced performance thinking wise.

As we gain years, and age, we need to stay healthy. “Age like fine wine” a great quote to remind people that the older wine gets, it’s nutritional properties and value gets higher. Consuming wine regularly and in the range of limit will do the same to you, there will be nothing better than ageing in a healthy way, always glowing.

Tamar Tsikhelashvili, is the Global Wine Editor for A wine enthusiast, and from a family of wine creators – she has always been interested in winemaking. She can be reached at

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