RENT this Electric Bike @ just 4000 per month! Why spend more?


In these times of CORONA everyone is looking for personal mobility. New motorcycles and scooters can cost anywhere upwards of 60,000 to buy – and then registration, insurance, fuel cost, and maintenance.

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Instead, if you have limited mobility needs – up to 80 km a day, just rent this ebike from

For Rs. 4000 a month you get to take home an ebike with no extra cost!

An electric bicycle is also known as an e-bike or e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that can be used to assist propulsion. Many kinds of e-bikes are available worldwide but generally fall into two broad categories. Bikes that assist the rider’s pedal-power (i.e. pedelecs) and bikes that add a throttle, integrating moped-style functionality. Both retain the ability to be pedaled by the rider and are therefore not electric motorcycles.

E-bikes use rechargeable batteries and typically travel up to 25 to 32 km/h (16 to 20 mph). High-powered varieties can often travel more than 45 km/h (28 mph). In some markets, such as Germany as of 2013, they are gaining in popularity and taking some market share away from conventional bicycles, while in others, such as China as of 2010, they are replacing fossil fuel-powered mopeds and small motorcycles.

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E-bikes function like hybrid electric vehicles since the electric motor combines battery propulsion with another source of electricity but this time by pedal power instead of internal combustion engine power so in some cases the terms used would be hybrid electric bicycle or hybrid pedal-electric bicycle

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Depending on local laws, many e-bikes (e.g., pedelecs) are legally classified as bicycles rather than mopeds or motorcycles. This exempts them from the more stringent laws regarding the certification and operation of more powerful two-wheelers which are often classed as electric motorcycles. E-bikes can also be defined separately and treated under distinct Electric bicycle laws.

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