Kesavardhanan J, the Founder & CEO of K7 Computing, wins the Trendsetters of Tamil Nadu award from The Times of India.


 K7 Computing Private Limited (, a global major in cybersecurity, announced today that its Founder & CEO, Kesavardhanan J, has received the Trendsetters of Tamil Nadu award from The Times of India in recognition of his pioneering work in technology and entrepreneurship.

The Trendsetters of Tamil Nadu award honours visionary individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership both within their organisation and their industry, anticipating technology and market trajectory decades ahead of their peers and setting the trends that define their sector.

Kesavardhanan J received the award for his foresight in developing and persisting with software products instead of IT services, emphasising efficient cybersecurity, utilising automation to develop lean operations, early adoption of Artificial Intelligence, developing defences against ransomware, and utilising the FMCG model to distribute software.

Commenting on the award, Mr. Kesavardhanan J remarked, “The digital technology sector is characterised by rapid evolution and disruption which can distract leaders or even make them doubt their vision. It is critical to develop a long-term view and not focus only on the immediate quarter’s results or be swayed by hype. K7 Computing has always prioritised the long-term well-being of our customers and, in the process, we have remained ahead of the curve whenever the industry has had to adapt to changes in the threat landscape and in the cybersecurity market. I am honoured to receive the Trendsetters of Tamil Nadu award. I am happy that my efforts to create a reliable and trustworthy provider of antivirus solutions have been recognised by The Times of India.

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