Cannes Lions 2023: INSPIRING Paula M, from visiting Cannes Lion on BORROWED money, to being a JURY!

Paula M
Cannes Lion

By: Karnvir Mundrey, Editor

There are may stories of how Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has changed lives.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has transformed lives by acting as a catalyst for creative revolution. Beyond its glitz and glamour, the festival has become a melting pot where ideas collide, and dreams are transformed into reality.

For individuals, Cannes Lions has served as a powerful launchpad for personal growth and professional success. It has given rise to a new breed of creative entrepreneurs who have defied conventions, shattered boundaries, and reshaped industries. The festival’s emphasis on innovation and originality has inspired individuals to break free from the status quo, pushing them to unlock their hidden potential and bring their boldest visions to life.

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Paula designs and deliver cultural futures; expand strategic networks and partnerships and build diverse communities through unique marketing and communications strategies, based on Web3.

The remembers the first time she visited the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

“I arrived at Cannes 15 years ago on borrowed money,”reminisces Paula. “I was working in McCann Erickson, and I quit. I had my baby girls at home but I had this clear and deep, deep, deep gut feeling and intuition that told me that there is something for you out there. You have to move. You have to go”.

And she went.

At the Cannes Lion Festival she talks about how to be creative by cultivating curiosity, flexibility, confidence, resilience, collaboration, and empathy.

She emphasizes the importance of curiosity. “Because curiosity allows us to ask powerful questions like you are doing here with me, and challenges the way things have always have done,” she says. “Resilience enables us to face failures and setbacks, setbacks with courage. You have to dare to dream, move forward.”

You have to dare to dream. Be curious. Resilient. And confident.

Paula M

Cannes Lions has nurtured a spirit of collaboration, fostering connections among diverse talents from different corners of the world. In this dynamic environment, alliances are formed, partnerships are forged, and the power of collective creativity is harnessed. These connections have not only fueled the creative industry but have also paved the way for cross-disciplinary collaborations that transcend traditional boundaries, resulting in groundbreaking work that impacts society at large.

Moreover, Cannes Lions has transcended its role as a mere event and has become a global movement that champions meaningful causes. The festival has embraced campaigns that address social, cultural, and environmental issues, recognizing the potential of creativity as a force for positive change. By celebrating campaigns with a purpose, Cannes Lions has amplified the voices of those striving to make a difference, igniting a wave of consciousness and inspiring individuals to use their skills for the betterment of the world.

In this transformative landscape, the festival has redefined success, moving beyond monetary gains and accolades. Cannes Lions has instilled in creatives a sense of purpose, urging them to go beyond the superficial and create work that resonates with authenticity and integrity. By challenging the notion of what it means to be successful, the festival has spurred a paradigm shift in the creative industry, empowering individuals to embrace their true passions and make a meaningful impact through their work.

In essence, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has changed lives by becoming a crucible of innovation, collaboration, purpose, and personal growth. It has propelled individuals to defy limits, forge meaningful connections, and become catalysts for positive change. Through its transformative power, the festival continues to shape the creative landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those who dare to dream and create.

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