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In the not-too-distant past, journalists served as the main media gatekeepers between brands and media exposure. A chance for a headline was to pitch to the media with a press statement or hold a press conference. Do you remember when publishing numerous online news releases in a row was considered SEO? Then there was a time when, regardless of what you put on your Facebook Page, it generated news feed coverage and informed all of your followers. Public relations (PR) has stayed mostly the same over time. 

However, PR is a completely new game in many aspects. The power of PR and exposure opportunities for brands and marketers are greater than ever! Publicity is now a diverse bag of tactics and plans; journalists no longer wield the lone set of keys. The formulas and templates are flexible and still developing. So if you have been keeping a blind eye to the potential of media coverage in today’s age then we are here to open your eyes wide and let you in on the 4 secrets of getting unlimited media coverage. Read on and be surprised!

 1. Be A sniper in the realm of carpet       bombers

Snipers are by nature precise and accurate. The reverse is carpet bombers. Do your research first rather than producing material and then try to spread it widely. Compile a list of 50 publications you’d like to be mentioned. Look for the staff writers who are most knowledgeable about the subjects that fall under your purview. Take careful notes on the topics that they frequently write about, are interested in, and discuss. Look for connections between writers in your niche that go beyond a particular publication. What are they now concentrating on? Can you connect that topic to recent education news, social media, or search trends? Build your research around that central idea so that you will be able to pitch it to them with confidence.

  1. Organize your data collecting backward from your headline

Work backward from the headline to the poll before investing time and resources in a special set of data. Alternatively, consider and come up with a few different headline ideas for your survey. What topic piques the interest of your target audience? What emotions might you use to arouse their curiosity and draw them in? What current events and popular trends can you use to connect your proposed survey? You can’t just spray and wish that something will stick when it comes to using unique data and earning media. To determine which headlines, themes, issues, and emotions will have the greatest impact, you must first select your ideal press targets. Then, you must perform pre-surveys to learn what matters to people the most.

  1. Develop relationships and a network with journalists before you need them

The majority of people approach journalists purely in the hopes of having a piece published about their company, which places them on par with all the other businesses doing the same thing. The likelihood that a journalist will cover your story will increase if you have built relationships with a few of them in advance since you have shown them that you value them before you even need them. They might even offer to get your company on the news before you ask if you do this. Even though it is a simple action, when carried out correctly, it may be incredibly powerful.

  1. Personalize your media pitch

To make media pitches stand out more, it can be advisable to personalize both the content and the format (while also referencing the essential formatting guidelines in mind). For a higher open rate, you should customize both the subject line and the email’s body. Make it as simple as possible for the reporter when pitching the media by including visuals (infographics, pictures, video, b-roll) or any pertinent press materials to support your pitch. The reporter will find it simpler to write a story on your company as a result. Remember that reporters are extremely busy, have tight deadlines to meet, and move quickly. The more you can do to assist them in covering the story, the more likely it is that they will want to collaborate with you in the future.

The Ball Is In Your Court

So there you have it! The 4 secret tips to get the media coverage you need to buy your brand and be ahead of the curve and assist businesses to gain press without needing to hire a PR firm. For product releases or any other event you might like to receive press attention for, being timely and relevant, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and providing something unique can be very effective PR media approaches. Request a demo today to connect with influencers, journalists, media outlets, and even conventional media representatives in no time. This will allow you to understand how the process might operate and how effective it might be. Remember that media coverage is not only about being in the media but it is also about why and how you want your brand in the media. So focus on your story and let the audience know why it is special and worthy of their time, attention, and money. 

Good luck with your media public relations campaign! 

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