Thomas Abraham to receive the Bronze A’ Design Award at Milan this July.


Milan-based award, A’ Design Award and Competition is happy to share that The Crystal Hall by Thomas Abraham has been awarded the prestigious Bronze A’ Design Award in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category. It was selected as a winner by the international jurors of the A’ Design Awards & Competitions among thousands of submissions across several genres of interior and exhibition design like residential, commercial, retail, luxury, wellness etc.

THOMAS ABRAHAM, the designer of the award-winning project The Crystal Hall says, “Crystal Hall, located at the outskirts of Bangalore, India is an essay on light, history, glass and nature; and its interiors were designed to complement the building’s architectural philosophy. The interior design integrates sustainability, reused materials, and everything is handmade by the poorest indigenous people of color, preserving the skill sets of neighboring artisans.

Energy for the interiors is partly provided by windmill towers and its inside microclimate is sustained by its envelope of two layers of clear high-performance heat reflecting, recycled glass with a rainforest of non-invasive vegetation species within. The rainforest provides thermal and visual insulation, and its open-to-sky fenestration sucks the residual hot air, so that it’s dissipated into the atmosphere. Openings in the inner glass layer allows for natural ventilation, eliminating artificial air conditioning or lighting during the day. The two layers of high-performance glass, along with the rainforest in between reduces heat transmission from the exterior to interior by over 66.2%.

Unbeknownst to most, glass is among the few building materials that can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality or clarity, thus reducing the building’s carbon footprint as well giving the visual experience of sitting in the woods outside, even as the user lounges in the bedroom or living room. With white walls and glassy interiors, the focus was on keeping the space uncluttered and minimalistic, thus allowing natural light in, forming a cool, bright, natural environment within.

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