Thomas Abraham’s fashion collection, The Metamorphosis, was selected as the Gold Winner for Runway Category by the USA-based MUSE Design Awards. Having received over 6,000 entries from all over the globe, the MUSE Design Awards is an international competition for designers whose craftsmanship shifts paradigms. Apart from this, The Metamorphosis Collection also won the Silver Muse award for the Recycle / Sustainable Fashion Category.

The Metamorphosis collection by Thomas Abraham is red carpet wear that transforms itself, being three dresses in one, thereby consuming only one-third of the carbon footprint. The collection is high street fashion for the regular woman and, is all-inclusive.

It is an Environment-first Design, prioritizing sustainability, recycling, waste management and the reuse of materials. This is affordable handmade couture that preserves the dying skills of local artisans of color. Since a single dress can transform into three outfits, this takes care of conserving the planet’s resources, the aesthetic factor of not repeating the same outfit as well as the pragmatic issue of not having to change into a completely new outfit every time, thus saving time.

The transforming aspect of Thomas Abraham’s designs is his signature style, that even extends to his other fashion collections. The furniture collection under his wing, which is called The Transformer Collection is a set of 14 morphable furniture that transforms time to time according to the need of its user.

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