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This entrepreneur – mother reveals the secrets of HOW she UN-BORED fitness, and turned into a new GLAMOROUS woman!


By: Reena J Singh

A basic perception about fitness, which is not so basic, i.e. “we find it boring, to do the same things daily.” “Either I can diet, or heavy weight exercises.” “Being a woman/girl, if I do heavy weight exercises, will I be start looking like a man.” “I am a beginner, how can I do such exercises.” “I will be on a strict diet, and won’t do any exercises, will look fit at least.” And many more….

Have you ever think that; everything will fade away by the age, we have to be strong enough to live the life at its fullest. In today’s lifestyle we are too busy with our own kind of routine, where we are working, sitting for hours and top of it we are not doing any physical workout.

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Yes! We are blessed, with fully automatic and electronic appliances, and domestic helps too, but at the same time, we are lacking on physical and motor activities. And these situations compelled me to think, how can we be fit, strong, and enjoy the life at the same time?

Herewith I am sharing few activities, which help me to lead a joyous life and to be fit too.

Reena Singh turns Yoga into her fitness mantra!

1. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. Everyone can do it, too. It’s not just for people who can touch their toes or want to meditate. Yoga poses work by stretching your muscles. Some types of yoga are about relaxation.

In life generally, we have to sit and stand, jump and bend, climb the stairs and so on… have you ever heard that, a kid is saying “ I cannot bend, my backing is hurting. Or I cannot climb the stairs my knees hurts a lot.” No! Right….

We lose our flexibility and mobility by the age, if we don’t practice any stretching for the muscles mobility. By the time we realize it becomes so stiff, initially it hurts and it takes time to get back a body as it was earlier. For this, you can use foam rollers, it will help you to release your muscle soreness, and improvise your flexibility and mobility too.  

Reena J Singh moves to the beat!


When you dance, freely with full of energy and with all your heart, you can burn not only fat, but negativity and depression too. It makes you a happier person, you feel full of life. If you are a music lover, you can enjoy every single beat of life also. Sometimes I just play few dance videos on my TV and try to do the same that encourages our ability to learn new things, in life we should be open to learn at any age, there is no age bar to learn, we just have to be open for the same.

Superfit, super glam & super successful: Reena J Singh

3. Strength training

You must have heard it a lot, “strong woman, strong family, strong nation”. And I feel every woman is strong, she just need to realize her strength.  Being a woman, I personally believe that every woman has to be strong enough to carry her own luggage (luggage/ responsibilities). Strength training enhances your capacity and strength; and that makes you a stronger person. You feel more confident and know your strength well. 

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I suggest “please do not do ego lifting.”  Everyone is different with different capacities and capabilities. We should never compare ourselves with others, every body type is also very different, which can be based on their genes, eating habits, lifestyle, heredity and work profile.

3.Work profile

It may surprise you, but it really matters. You may not have your meals in time, if you may have it on time; you have to sit for hours, which can affect your digestive system and your postures as well.

If you are a beginner, you can start your strength training with your own body weight only, and then you can start adding weights. It’s not about how much you can lift, it’s about how correctly you are training your muscles, and you have to be right on your postures at the same time.

Superwomen dont always wear capes, sometimes they wear track pants! Pic: Reena J Singh


Walks, whether it’s with your loved ones, dogs, friends or even alone can never be boring. You just have to dive in the nature’s beauty, with some music; you will definitely wear a smile, when you feel connected to the nature. You can keep a check on your heart rate, through the tracking devices (smart watches, apps). That will help you to know that what duration and speed will work for you to burn the fat. Again there is no age bar, you can be 6 or 60, walk doesn’t harm at all. And for women, you can go for a walk in your periods too. You will feel better for sure.

The inspirational Reena J Singh

5.Moderate diet

I don’t believe in seasonal or occasional fitness, like; “I have to look good in summers, in winters I can cover it in my jackets.” “My cousin’s wedding is coming; I just want to fit in my favorite outfit.” For this you will follow your diets and workouts strictly. Isn’t funny? We are playing with our own body. Don’t you think it’s our own body; we should take care of it at least.

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As far as my diet, I am a pure vegetarian and non-alcoholic too. I have a sweet tooth, so I love to have jalebi, moon daal halwa and gulab jamuns. For beverages and drinks, I prefer to have green tea with extra ginger, milk and juices. I eat every green vegetable and seasonal fruits too. Now you must be thinking, she is having everything, what type of diet is it?  My parents took very good care of me and my siblings, they taught us well about health and fitness. We as a family always eat clean, meals full of nutritious food, no extra oils, and spices at all. A big no to junk foods. It’s allowed on Sundays only.  We were not allowed to sit after having food; we were further guided to go for a walk. My whole family used to do yoga asans together, whenever I go to my parent’s place, we do it altogether. Now our next generation is also following the same. I am trying to give same values to my daughter also. To cut it short, if we eat clean, then we can have our favorite foods too, But in a controlled manner. One should not be an extremist, life is all about balance. Balance between your health and taste buds, balance between strength and flexibility, balance between work and personal life.

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 Besides this, I take care of my supplements as well. Dear Fellas! Please change your perception; supplements are not at all medicines or steroids. In today’s time, where fruits, vegetable and grains, are grown with the use of pesticides, they also lose their nutritious values also. When the food is not sufficient to fulfill our body’s requirements for the nutrition, we have to take dietary supplements to lead a healthy life. We should get our health check ups done time by time.

I personally take multivitamins, and calcium tablets. Sometimes I apply vitamin e capsules for my skin and hair. This is how, my efforts goes for my fitness and health. I hope it doesn’t look that difficult to follow. We just have to set our workout plans, just take a step up, to be fit. Let your heart decide, what you want to do, but DO NOT SKIP. Just be determined and disciplined for your own health. Love yourself because you deserve to be loved.

Reena J Singh,33, is the founder of Otwo Gym – and the mother of a 7 year old daughter. Reach out to her at +91 124 4210499

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