The world’s fittest Grandmother!


Meet Heidi Edelmann

-I am from Finland and to be precise from a city called Jyväskylä.

-47 year old mother of 2 children who are 28 and 19 years old. Also a grandmother to a 4 year old girl.

-My family includes 2 large poodles and my son who is in the Air Force.

  • Being a personal trainer and a fitness coach is my job
  • Also a part of my job is to coach a hockey team, or to be exact, prepare their physics for the next season. That includes gym, stair trainings and their diet

-team fullmetal is my team’s name in Fitness.

-we are preparing for Kotka Fitness cup competition which starts one week from now. At the same time it’s a qualification for world championship and also for the Nordic Fitness which is in October.

-I competed myself between 2009-2017 and the best achievement is second place in the Finnish championships

-I like to spend time in the gym and also just walking/jogging outdoors. Also, dogs are a big part of my life, i like taking them to dog shows

Profile questions:

  1. Childhood memory

Southern-Finland, where i lived and grew up and rode horses on fields during summertime at Karjalohta

  1. Things you are proud of
  • My own kids
  • my profession that i created that originally was a hobby
  1. If you could travel anywhere you wanted, where would it be?
  • Australia because i want to learn how to surf, get to know the Australian culture and see the kangaroos. Also, i am curious about the Australian lifestyle
  1. If i could keep 5 features of me?
  • honesty
  • justice
  • happiness
  • health
  • lenience/charity
  1. Your strongest personal feature/trait
  • Not giving up and having the faith that things will eventually work out
  • ready to do whatever it takes to do something that should be done
  1. Your secret to stay in shape

  • Eat healthy, fresh and clean ingredients
  • exercise enough and know when to take it easy
  • 7. Motto
  • When you have fought through for so long time that you can’t take another step, only then you are halfway of your main goal.
  1. Biggest fear in life
  • my kids would get sick or if something happened to them
  1. What would you like to have written in your tombstone?
  • love never dies
  1. Things you appreciate in a man
  • has a good self confidence and knows how to take care of himself physically and mentally.

-He has to be kind, but at the same time he needs to have control and gets things done.

  1. whats your best communication secret?
  • I am a good listener, and when i speak, i look in to the eyes.
  • I always try to develope my communication skills so people would understand what i truly mean when i speak.
  1. if you could witness any, the past, present, or the future what would it be?
  • I would want to see how the world looks like in a hundred years.
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