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The ULTIMATE skincare routine! How to get flawless natural looking skin!


By: Manisha Arora, Skin Care Expert

I have had so many questions about my skincare and what products I use that I have compiled my current skincare routine and how to layer products into a blog post for you!

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If your skin is in good shape, any makeup you apply on top of it will look much better. Good skin is key to flawless makeup application and I am pretty OCD about my skincare. I believe In a simple skincare routine without too many steps.

Manisha Arora

Skin care does not have to be complicated to be effective. I believe in good herbal products that work for your skin type as well as consistency. Remember , a skin care product takes atleast 6-8 weeks to start seeing results . So many people give up too quickly and have a drawer full of skin care products that didn’t work because they weren’t given enough time to do their job.

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Reset Button for Skincare

If your skin is irritated and you have a product overload, I recommend hitting the reset button and starting from scratch. That means “ cleanse, moisturize, sunscreen “ during the day, and just cleanse and use moisturiser at night. Using basic products such as Cetaphil etc. Do this and nothing else for few weeks and let your skin reset, then introduce one product at a time and use it consistently for 6-8 weeks before adding another. That way you can tell which products do and don’t work for you. It is a little bit of process, but once you have it figured out, your skincare routine will be on auto pilot mode just like tesla and your skin will look better and better.

Manisha Arora, unsatisfied with what was available has developed her own range of products called Glamskin!

I have outlined my morning and evening skin care routine for you below including all the steps and all the glamskinn products which I apply on my skin. Both take me less than 5 minutes and I really try to stick with it. If all else fails at night, I have wipes and moisturizer on my nightstand and I will wash my face with a wipe in my bed and slap on some moisturizer then I set aside some time to mask the next day and give my skin some extra tender, love, and care.

I will talk about my favourite skincare products in the next blog. Skin care is such a personal thing and everyone needs to figure out what works best for them. However, I get lots of questions about what products I use, So basically I mainly use herbal and my own skincare brand – Glamskinn products which are herbal based.

To know more about my products you can go to the Glamskinn Instagram page.

Whew! That was a lot of information. I hope you find this helpful and it will give your skin the love it deserves especially in these cold temperatures.

Manisha Arora is a leading make-up-artist and Entrepreneur. Believeing in the power of natural healing, she has developed a super successful range of skin care products. Check out her products here.

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