The Superfit Supermodel: Amie Britel


Atharva Marcom got an exclusive scoop with the Supermodel Amie Britel!

Supermodel Amie Britel.
Photo Credit: Carl Ryan, Black Planet Photography. MUA: Tanya Purcell
  1. Atharva Marcom: Describe yourself in 30 words.

Strong, committed, nuts, energetic, thickskined, funny, emotional, Determined, creative, powerful, mindful, caring, loving, passionate, positive, exciting, brave, crazy, honest, faithful, generous, helpful, affectionate, loyal, Direct, responsible, sensitive, fun, easy going, confident

Supermodel Amie Britel

2. Atharva Marcom:What is your best child hood memory?

I used to love singing in girlband and I used to dance.

Supermodel Amie Britel
Photo Credit: Carl Ryan, Black Planet Photography. MUA: Tanya Purcell

3.Atharva Marcom: If you had a chance for a do-over in life what would you do differently?

Nothing because I can teach my kids right from wrong.

Supermodel Amie Britel

4. Atharva Marcom:What do you feel most proud of?

My kids.

Supermodel Amie Britel

5. Atharva Marcom: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why.

Around the world in a campervan with my kids and family.

6. Atharva Marcom: If you could keep 5 possessions what would it be?
And why mascara, lippy, vitamins, phone, wine because mascara and lippy make me feel pretty and phone cause of shopping and work and wine so I can have a chill.

Supermodel Amie Britel

7. Atharva Marcom: What do you want your tombstone to say?

Amie never lives a dull moment and went with a bang.

Supermodel Amie Britel
Photo Credit: Carl Ryan, Black Planet Photography. MUA: Tanya Purcell

8. Atharva Marcom: Who do you admire in life?

My kids

Supermodel Amie Britel

9. Atharva Marcom: What are you most afraid of?

Nothing. I’ll challenge anything.

Supermodel Amie Britel

10 Atharva Marcom:What feels like love to you?

When you get butterflies in your belly and can’t stop smiling constantly always on your mind and you feel like you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Supermodel Amie Britel

11 Atharva Marcom: What is your strongest point?

I am thickskined and strong.

Supermodel Amie Britel

12 Atharva Marcom: What was your most embarrassing moment in school?

They pulled my trousers down now every time the thong song comes on. Its Amies song lol.

Supermodel Amie Britel

13 Atharva Marcom: If I could witness any event of the past, present, or future what would it be?

I wouldn’t past should be left and I’m loving life right now.

Supermodel Amie Britel

14 Atharva Marcom: Where was my first kiss?


Supermodel Amie Britel

15 Atharva Marcom: What do I like in a man.

A man that looks after himself, funny, loyal.

Supermodel Amie Britel

16 Atharva Marcom: What’s your best fitness secret?
Dance and abs everyday without fail.

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