The real story of India, Pakistan & China! Dont miss this presentation!


Zoom call at Motilal Oswal. He spoke at length on what’s the actual story about India – Pakistan – China narrative.

It’s a 2 hours extremely well researched presentation . Believe me you’ll not be able to put it down once you start it.

Takes us back in history and to current state of affairs and how it’s not about some land parcel that China or Pakistan is interested, but much larger economic reasons why all the posturing and nuisance at border being created by China.

Start from 9th minute… Believe me as an Indian you must see this. …. It’s purely what we should definitely know as an Indian despite our political affinities.

Click here to listen:

This is excellent Long but every word matters.
Please do hear it very carefully – in intervals if you find it too lengthy – but definitely listen to every word .

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