The Mindful Foundation brings courses from Oxford Mindfulness Foundation to India.

Mindful Foundation

The Mindful Foundation (TMF), the only Indian partner of University of Oxford Mindfulness Center, announced the launch of programs from the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation in India.

The programs launched in a phased manner can be availed by all age groups. The programs are available in a blended / hybrid format. The Mindful foundation (TMF) India, aims to focus on integrating ancient Indian wisdom with modern psychology, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and providing preventive mental health care.

Speaking on the launch, Ms. Geetika Arora Bhojak, Founder, The Mindful Foundation, said“At TMF, we believe that cultivating mindfulness in all aspects of our everyday lives is imperative to mental health. With the help of Mindfulness-based mental health programs, we want to encourage more people to seek help and ensure that it is accessible to everyone across all demographics.”

She further added“The country has seen a significant spike in mental health awareness and conversations since the past couple of years. At TMF, we want to ensure that the right information and science-backed techniques are being provided to people in order for them to take care of their mental health. The courses we provide, aim to make mental health care even more accessible and available to all. We are certain that these research-based programs will help the overall wellbeing of an individual – mentally, psychologically, physically, and emotionally.”

The programs in progress – The first batch of the 3 week program commenced on 24th September 2022. This program comprises 3 weekly 2 hour sessions and numerous mindfulness practices. In addition, the foundation launched the free monthly ‘Mindfulness Taster’ sessions that include brief tasters of mindful exercises and details the various introductory courses made available by the Mindful Foundation.

The second course that is “Mindfulness For Life” (8-week Mindfulness-based cognitive Therapy) will be conducted from October 2022. The sessions will be online consisting of 2 hours each week with sustaining practices throughout the week and an additional 1-day of online retreat. The Online retreat day is a day of silent meditation and contemplative exercises. The Mindfulness for Life programme offers practices and cognitive-behavioral techniques intended to cultivate lasting and sustainable change. Through this course, one will learn how to apply the learning in everyday life in order to effectively manage pain and stress.

The Mindful Foundation is subsidizing 50% of the course fee for participants from India for the rest of 2022.

While there has been increased awareness amongst the masses, stigma continues to play a key role in inhibiting reach or access to care. As per a recent Deloitte report, around 47% people considered workplace-related stress as the biggest factor affecting their mental health, followed by financial and Covid challenges. Through these courses, the commonly experienced symptoms, those related to depression, such as feelings of sadness, loss of interest in enjoyable activities, tiredness, difficulty in concentrating, etc. will be addressed.

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