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The MAGICAL little board that saves your Knees!


Avoid knee surgery with this.

Sanjay Singh was facing constant knee pain, and some doctors had suggested surgery. After trying a number of medicines and ointments, he came across the “Atharva Knee Doctor” – an exercise board – which has given him relief from knee pains without the help of any cream, balms or ointment.

It also needs no electricity.

What is the “Knee Doctor”?

The product works on the knees by strengthening the calf muscles. It strengthens the leg muscles around the knee like those in front of the thigh (quadriceps), the inner thigh (adductors), outer thigh (abductors) and hamstrings at the back of the thigh, muscles in the lower half (below knee) – and the calf muscles.

The effect is almost instantly felt.

Its also great for people who sit for long periods of time. If you stand on this machine for even 2 minutes , your leg muscles get relaxed, blood flow to the legs improves and that helps in giving you better sleep.

It also strengthens your calf and hamstring muscles. Strong calf muscles help send muscles back to the heart. This avoids accumulation of blood in legs and prevents varicose veins.

The Knee Doctor is also great for leg cramps, if you stand on the board for a few minutes.

Reach out to the Atharva Knee Doctor at +917349236425.

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