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The Best ROOM HEATERS for this Winter : A COMPLETE guide!

Room Heater

Though it is hot or pleasant in most of the parts of India throughout the year,northern india faces the chilly winds for a few months.Wearing warm clothes is just not enough because you need to have room heaters installed at your place to bear with the cold winter days,particularly mornings and evenings.Room heaters work on various principles and technologies and are also available in various price ranges.

Even the way of spreading the heat across your room is different. If you are confused about which type of room heater will be the best for you, here is a complete buying-guide for room heaters that will help you. Trust us on this, read what you should look out for, and end up choosing the right one depending on the price,size, technology used, and special buying tips.

This because of scientific advancements. There are options to help you save yourself from the freezing cold and being comfortable at least at your own house or workspace.


When it comes to heating methods,there are primarily 3 types of room heaters available in india.Almost every room heater works on either of these principles.Here they are:-

Convection room heaters:

     They work on the principle of heating the room through convection technology where a coil or a panel is used for heating.A fan/blower is blown towards the heat panel which spreads warm air in the entire room.

Conduction room heaters:

     These room heaters spread heat through a metallic coil which glows upon being heated electrically.First,the nearby areas are heated which eventually spread the heat to other areas of the room.

Radiant room heaters:

     These are the heaters that work on the basis of infrared radiation.These rays of heat are known to directly heat the surfaces on which they fall,thereby generating the warmth that is required in the room.

Currently the market has 3 different types of heaters:

Fan Room Heaters:

These are also known as ceramic heaters, blower room heaters, and Convection room heaters.Fan heaters are ideal for heating large spaces quickly. These have a ceramic coil structure that heats up air around it and this heat is blown out via a fan which warms up your room. Fan heaters are safe to touch, they are inexpensive and energy-efficient.

Infrared Room Heaters:

 These are also referred to as Qurtz,Halogen or radiant room heaters.These are the cheapest heaters in the market.Radiant heaters work like campfire;providing heat only to people in close proximity.That is why it is only recommended for individual usage or for very small spaces.There is no noise,since there is no fan;it heats up quickly and consumes less energy.

We can’t touch it though.Keep children away from radiant heaters.

Oil Room Heaters:

      These are probably the best kind of heaters you can get for your home. Although they take up time to heat up, they provide heat for longer time periods. They emanate heat even after you turn the heater off and they do not create noise like convection heaters. These are energy efficient. They save your electricity bill.


The following are the features of a good room heater

Number of heating elements: The more,the better in this case.They will be able to heat your room faster.

Watt: A powerful and larger heater will require more watt as compared to the smaller ones.Do not be fooled by fake products claiming to be low on energy consumption and not having energy ratings.

Temperature settings: Avoid buying a room heater that has only one or two options for heat settings.Try different heat settings to find out which one is apt for your room.

Light: If you are going for a radiant heater, make sure that it is not too bright to disturb your sleep.

Power features: It is always better to go for the room heaters that automatically turn out.   Safety Grill: If you have kids or pets at home,ensure that the heater has an added safety grill that covers the heating element externally.                                                These are the major features that we look after while buying a room heater.

Safety measures to look in my heater:

You must consider the Surface heat, Cord length, and Heaters Certificate of Safety carefully before buying room heater blower.The heater should be kept at least 3 feet away from your bed, which means the cord should be at least 3 feet long. Auto-cutoff is also a handy feature and is typically present in all modern-day room heaters.

Safety Precautions for room heaters:

Do not place them near the door or in the walking passage to avoid accidents.Place them away from inflammable substances.

Do not keep them near children or pets. Avoid using room heaters for drying clothes,Keep your room heater away from water.

Have a Look at Best Room Heaters in india Available today:


Havells Comforter: This offers a wide range of electrical appliances and is trusted brand in indian households.The GHRFHAGW200 is a premium room heater from Havels with excellent features.Firstly,this heater appears to be little expensive than it counterparts,but when you take a look at its features,you feel its worthy. It also ensures that you are protected from over-heating.

Advantages:Convenient handle for portability,Warranty from owner.

Disadvanatges: You need a 16 amps socket for the heater.

Usha 3620: Another home based brand,Usha has been the electrical manufacturer of choice by millions of domestic and industrial establishments.It is auto revolving,so that our nearby surroundings are constantly provided heat.It has over-heat protection incase of high temperatures.There are 3 power modes to suit cold levels.These are cool wind,low heat and high heat.The heater operates at two heat settings-1200 warts and 2000 watts.

Advantages: Light-weight and portable,Warranty for an year.

Disadvanatages: Device doesn’t work on regukar switch board and need a 15amps socket.Some users report that the temperature control is not too precise and only functions as a cut-off.

Singer Blow: It is a premium brand with variety of appliances under its belt, Singer has long been a reputed and renowned electrical appliance manufacturer.The Heat Blow room heater from Singer will be ideal companion in these chilly winters.

Light-weight and portable,this heater has an easy carry handle for convient carrying. Its cool touch body ensures that you do not get scalding burns by touching hot surfaces.

The heater has a thermal cut-off.You can place the heater conveniently either vertically or horizontally to provide effective heating. It provides comfort and coziness in winters.

Advantages:Dual standing model – vertical and horizontal, Thermostat and auto – cut off with a year warranty from manufacturer.

Disadvantages: Users report that you need a separate power plug to connect the heater.

Bajaj Majesty RX11: The RX11 is premium fan heater and anither feather in the cap of india’s beloved home brand.One of the most noteworthy features of this heater convector is its dual purpose.You can use it as a heater in winters and as a fan in summers.

There are two heat settings operable at 1000W and 2000W ; so that you are able to regulate the temperature you want.The setting can be obtained from the adjustable thermostat. The constant heat is maintained with fan forced circulation of warm air.The heater , when placed inside your home will jazz up its surroundings with its international look and feel.

Advantages:BIS approved,Adjustable fan settings and Light – weight.

Disadvanatages:Few users report that it consumes too much electricity. Discuss with the buyer before buying.


Orpat OCH1420: It is widely known for its wide variety of everyday household electrical gadgets at affordable prices.They have a wide range of eoom heaters; having premium designs and unsurpassable performance.The OCH1420 carbon room heater is the answer to everyone who is vary of spending too much on oil heaters and trying to preserve the moisture in the room by not using han heaters.

The heater has its heating elements built from carbon fiber. The good part about these heaters is that they give softer radiant heat withoutthe element too much.

Advantages:Natural convection,Sturdy and durable, Adjustable heat settings and manufacturer gives warranty of 2 years.

Disadvantages: Good and very positive reviews from customers.

Marc CR Carbon: Marc is an established and trusted brand when it comes to buying electrical products online. The company offers a wide assortment of electrical gadgets and its products are often featured on PepperFry, Homeshop18, Shopclues, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, PayTm and so on.

Marc has a wide product range of room heaters ,water heaters and watches for men. The CR room heater is another premium offering from the company. The heater has an auto – revolving body which offers uniform heating all – round. There is a safety tip – over switch for auto – cutoff as well as overheat protection.

Advantages: Auto – revolve and one year manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

Disadvanatges: Good reviews from the customers.


Oreva 1207: It is a reputed brand under the Ajanta Group . Oreva offers high – quality electrical products including home appliances and indoor and outdoor lighting. The 1207 gas room heater is a popular product because of its affordability and reliability.

The safety mesh grill and safety tip over switch ensure that the heater is safe around children and pets. You can easily carry the heater around as it is quite portable with an ergonomic handle.

Advantages: Overheat protection, One year manufacturer’s warranty.

Disadvantages: No remote control.

Bajaj Minor Halogen: We have another entry from Bajaj Electricals under the Halogen room heater category. A noticeable feature we found from several customer reviews was the fact that the heater warms up the room pretty quickly.

The heater is energy efficient. It comes with adjustable legs to adjust according to your lying position.It is made with cast iron, the heater has premium quality, cerrified by BIS.

Advantages: Superior heating element with 2 year warranty on the product.

Disadvantages: No tipping switch and Not suitable for larger rooms.

Bajaj Flashy Halogen: In freezing cold, warm blankets, woolen clothes and hot liquids fail, all you want to get some fire around you. And that is why we propose that you give the Flashy Halogen Heater from Bajaj a try. Heat your room and yourself in style.

Operating at a maxi mum power of 1000W the heater is ideal for harsh winters. The nickel chrome mesh ensures even heat distribution so that no part of your room is left cold, including you.

Advantages: Superior heating element, Stylish design with 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

Disadvantages: You need a 15 amps power socket to plug in the heater.

Orpat infrared: Orpat is an ISO-9002 and 140001 Certified company. They are manufacturers of high quality appliances for daily household usage and office properties. The OPH – 1240 room heaters is ideal for everyone looking to battle the winter chills away.

It means, the resistance of the element increases as temperature increases , but never surpasses the ambient room temperature. Thisis why it’s self- regulating. If the temperature reaches preset threshold , automatic cut – off stops current flow in the heater.The heater has two adjustable heat settings at 1200 watts and 1800 watts. The appliances is driven by a powerful motor with copper wire at its core.

Advantages: Power on indicator, Noiseless, Overheat protection, Variable thermostat setting.

Disadvantages: You need bigger power sockets. The smaller ones won’t do.

Usha OFR 3511 F: For more than 2 decades, Usha has been manufacturing and supplying electricals to commercial and domestic households. The company has a wide array of air coolers. Sewing machines, fans, kitchen appliances and household equipment. The oil is world class grade HD/ED 300 for superior performance. An adjustable thermostat ensures that hot air is well – channeled.

The ergonomic , integrated handle ensures easy carriage of heater. To prevent hazards by accidental knock overs, a tip over switch is provided.

Advantages: Cord winder, Two meter long cord with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Disadvantages: Fan makes some noise while operating.

Murphy Richards: It is an international brand featured on our list simply because of their amazing product designs. The heater has 9 robust, durable and strong fins to provide uniform heating across the entire space. You can easily maneuver the heater around with sturdy castor wheels at the bottom.

To control the find, roolling knobs are provided with thermostat control. There are three power settings which help you adjust optimum temperature levels. Furthermore, the heater has overheat protection to prevent any accidents due to high temperature. Unlike other oil heaters, this one produces minimum noise so that you sleep peacefully.

Advantages: Ergonomic, stylish design with 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Disadvantages: The wire is short in length and the heater makes clicking noises when turned off

All the above listed products are available in Amazon, Flipkart,eBay etc.

Winters can be an ordeal for all of us. We hope that our extensive research gave you more than enough dough to choose the right heater for these upcoming winters. Brace the cold by making sure you have a robust room heater, a cozy blanket, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate!

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