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The Best of Aero India 2021 (Part 7) : FoodTech: Biryani for Astronauts!


The team of Indian astronauts leaving for the spaceflight Gaganyaan to travel to space next year will carry special Indian food with them. Dishes like chicken biryani, khichdi, and a pickle will be available on the menu. The military lab has made this special food for astronauts going to the Gaganyaan mission. The food has received its approval after two years of experimentation.

The menu has been prepared for the Indian astronauts (fighter pilots of the Indian Air Force) going on a seven-day mission. These astronauts are currently training in Russia. Chicken biryani, chicken korma, shahi paneer, dal-rice, aloo paratha, roti, dal makhani, and khichdi will be available for their mission. Not only this, but mango pickles prepared by Mysore-based Defense Food Research Laboratory will also be included in this menu.

The DFRL’s Space Food and Logistics wing, which showcased its products at Aero India-2021 held at Yelahanka air base last week, has catered to the sweet tooth too with offerings such as moong dal halwa, sooji halwa, dried apricot and a range of flavoured energy bars.

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