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The Best of Aero India 2021 (Part 5) : Indian Navy gets #MakeInIndia Sonar Technology!


HAL delivered three to Indian Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh at Aero India.

The helicopters are fully loaded multi-mission helicopter is fitted with an array of advanced sensors.

The helicopter features a full glass cockpit with HAL’s Integrated Architecture Display System (IADS), more powerful “Shakti” (Safran Ardiden 1H1) engines, and a host of new systems.

The Indian Navy had ordered 16 Mk-III to supplement its ageing and depleting fleet of Alouettes (Chetaks) – from HAL.

These helicopters have come up with latest-generation avionics and role equipment. It is primarily meant for use in a shore-based role.

The Mk-III ALH are also equipped with an indigenous low frequency dunking sonar (LFDS) developed by Kochi-based Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory.

The sonar’s units are being produced by state-owned Bharat Electronics Limited with a host of sub-vendors downstream.

The aircraft has also a nose-mounted surveillance radar with 270-degree coverage that can detect, classify and track multiple marine targets.

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