Tamar Tsikhelashvili: Joins as the Global Wine Editor

Tamar Tsikhelashvili
Tamar Tsikhelashvili is the global wine expert
Tamar Tsikhelashvili

Tamar Tsikhelashvili, a wine enthusiast has always been interested in winemaking. Starting from her involvement in the family winemaking business, Schuchmann Wines Georgia, from an early age, it has reflected on her career.

Currently being a student in Les Roches Switzerland, on BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration in Hospitality), She has decided to share her knowledge of Global winemaking and Oenology that she had been studying during the first year of university. The most interesting fact about our new Global winemaking editor is that she is from Georgia, the heart of hospitality and the winemaking capital, marking 8000 years of winemaking history.

Tamar will be giving us information about the Global winemaking, showing us the differences and the similarities between each countries, regions and the techniques of winemaking. She will be talking about how winemaking is vital to tourism and the economical status of the world.

Tamar will be connecting the long history of winemaking with the Hospitality industry of the modern world. 

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