Swar Mohini Music Academy: A Cradle of Musical Aspirations


The academy is more than a place of learning; it is a community where the legacy of Hindustani classical music is nurtured and cherished. Students from the tender age of five to the wisdom-filled years of eighty come together, united by their passion for music.

A Diverse Student Body

Retired senior citizens, men and women, boys and girls, all find their musical voice at the academy. The students include individuals from various backgrounds such as school children engineering, medicine, retired professionals, and other professions.
The institution is affiliated with the Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai University, ensuring a structured and recognized curriculum.

The Mewati Gharana

The academy teaches the Mewati gharana style, known for its emotive expression and intricate techniques. The academy engages its students with regular events like the Trimasik Sabha, Saptahik Sabha, and the revered Gurupurnima. Morning Riyaz sessions instill discipline and dedication among the students. Vidushi Mohini Joshi provides her students with opportunities to participate in various performances and competitions on different stages and events. Through these experiences, she helps groom their singing skills.

Celebrating Culture Through Music

Events like Maharashtra Diwas, Shivratri, and Vasant Panchami are celebrated with musical fervor, showcasing the academy’s commitment to cultural traditions.


The Swar Mohini Music Academy, under the leadership of Vidushi Mohini Joshi, stands as a beacon of classical music education in Bangalore. It is a place where the echoes of the past meet the voices of the future, creating a symphony that resonates with the soul of India.

For more information about the academy and Vidushi Mohini Joshi, visit Swar Mohini Music Academy. Connect with the author Shubhada Jahagirdar on LinkedIn & Twitter.

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