Successful Residency Placement 2022 for Manipal’s American University of Antigua, College of Medicine!!


Residency match is a period of transition for the young medical graduates who wait with baited breath for interview calls after filing the applications with their preference lists. Manipal American University of Antigua, College of Medicine (AUA) is delighted to announce the enormous success of residency match for their medical students of 2022.

Residency match is a crucial stage for fresh medical graduates to steer their medical career. It’s quite an overwhelming time causing much anxiety envisioning where they want to be with the match that is offered vis-à-vis what they expect. Every year the students of AUA file their applications for the chosen specialties influenced by certain factors. In a recent survey work-life balance topped the list. However far the match day is, the medical students are bound to think about it often. It requires them to go through a thorough exploration of residency programs available, write an impressive CV, narrow down their list of choices, prepare for the interview and gather information about the post interview communication protocols. The pressure builds up with the awareness that they will be potentially evaluated by every person they meet during the residence interview to gauge their compatibility for the program.

Dr. Peter Bell, AUA’s Provost, said, “Despite all of the complications and disruptions, the 2022 match was a very successful one for AUA.” AUA’s medicine graduates have obtained residencies at prestigious teaching hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada. This year, AUA alumni attained residencies in specialties such as neurology, pathology, psychiatry, radiology, surgery, and anesthesiology, in addition to primary care disciplines like internal medicine, pediatrics, and family medicine. These young doctors are the hope towards a step forward in fulfilling the requirement of qualified physicians.

During their virtual match day event on 18th March, the University Provost, Dr. Robert Mallin congratulated all the young doctors and urged them to watch the iconic movie ‘The Doctor’. He said that it is a highly recommended movie to understand that compassion is a virtue a doctor must practice. The institution aims at grooming their medical graduates into highly skilled, compassionate and global physicians to serve their communities.”

AUA strives to advance the field of medicine and shape physicians who come from underrepresented minorities. The alumni of Manipal’s AUA stands testimonial to the difference being made by this institution in its contribution to global healthcare. Mamta Purbey, AUA’s Executive Director for Enrolment Management, said, “It is most rewarding to see our students graduate and obtain prestigious residency placements in world renowned hospitals. Our growing alumni are outstanding.” AUA takes great pride in its students who are constantly evolving, involved in research, and making a difference in the world by addressing the shortage of physicians.

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