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Spine Surgery in Youth Give Others the Sign of Hope for Better Living: Stories of the Real Warriors.


 There are different kinds of Spine Surgery problems that people of any age can witness. Different pathologies, different diseases, and various difficulties like backache, gait issue, nerve compression, unable to walk are considered as the usual symptoms. With the help of advanced technology, it is easy to rectify these issues but in our society, there is so much of apprehension regarding any surgery that it restricts spine surgery. One should realize that timely diagnosis, prevention, and timely intervention if surgery is recommended can lead to a very favourable outcome. It can be said that almost 95% of patients get cured and live a good and healthy life after surgery. Some cases have been handled by our hospital among which 1 case can give a preview of before and after surgery of the individual, dealing with any kind of spine issue. 

A 20 years old college-going young lady namely Anushka came for a consultation with an issue of bending of the spine. Due to this deformity, she was not only dealing with physical challenges but also was going through mental trauma for her uncertain appearance. After consultation, it has been understood that this particular deformity of the spine is known as Scoliosisthat mainly affects people in the adolescent stage and is quite distorting and could be a cosmetic problem too, which usually leads to pain and complications in the future. According to Dr. Amrithlal A Mascarenhas, Consultant – Spine Surgery, Manipal Hospital Millers Road, this significant problem generates pain and with time it develops leg weakness, and the spinal deformity becomes much more rigid. At the age of 40 or more, this kind of problem seems to be more which complicates the surgery as well. Thus, Anushka considering her age and thinking about her future consulted with the doctor for further assistance. Accordingly the treatment has been planned and suggested to go through spine surgery to take her out of this pain and to give her a normal life. Though there are myths about any kind of surgery, this young lady and also her family members agreed to the surgery and supported it as well for further proceedings. 

Anushka has shared her views after the whole procedure and mentioned that there is no reason to shy about it and it is always better to consult with an expert rather than keeping things hidden. According to her, her parents were anxious and tensed about the surgery but she was quite focused and brave enough to take the surgery so that she can proceed towards a better future where she can do her daily work comfortably like others. Though the surgery was quite time taking (4 to 5 hrs.) and difficult as it was involving placing of rods and almost 18 to 20 screws to fix the issue of bended spine, she has not faced any difficulty after surgery and post-surgery, she was able to recover within 5 days and was back to her feet. After the surgery, she was able to carry forward with the daily routine without any concern such as carrying backpack and doing activities of 12 to 13 hours in a constant manner, she stated. She specified that surgeries are scary but follow ups with the doctor as well as post-surgery rehabilitation helped her in early recovery. Along with that, she added anyone will feel more comfortable after the surgery, so it’s better to go for it without any concern. 

Considering the life style changes and problems affecting the younger individuals, the terminology of SURGERY might appear dreadful, but with the latest technology and advanced techniques and high skill set of doctors, surgeries are made simple and have a better recovery period. The example Anushka can be taken into consideration to represent that surgery can be successfully done at any stage of life with the help of a proper guide and consultation.

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