Sabina Karac: Joins as Global Style Editor


Born in Germany my parents brought me to the U.S. at the age of 18 months, where I grew up in Florida. In any case being the child of immigrants is an interesting situation, you are forced to grow up fast in order to help them.

I was reading and translating legal documents to my parents to the best of my abilities at the age of 10 I believe. To this day I help my mom a lot when it comes down to the paperwork and calling customer service.

When I was in high school my parents ended up separating and I lived with my mom where she was strong for the both of us and continued to raise me as a single parent. I do not know where she pulled all that strength from but I am thankful for everything she has done for me and can only wish to be able to repay her for all that she has done for me.

As the daughter of a hairstylist it was only natural for me to follow in my mother’s footsteps. After school I would go and hep my mom in the salon, basically growing up in the salon, I was always around it to the point it became second nature to me.

After high school I attended Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy and attended regular community college simultaneously. Along the way expanding my interest in the world of modeling.

Currently still in school for a business degree, I work as a hairstylist, makeup artist and model and have been educated and trained by some of the best from Mario Dedivanovic, Larisa Love, Wayne Tuggle, and Kirsten Regalado to name a few.

I have also have published work as a model & hairstylist under my belt.. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, being in the fashion world in general, all of my work is interconnected. I often times have to style myself for shoots which I don’t mind because it it allows me to express creative freedom and take a part in the vision between the model and photographer.

Also holding the title of Miss Worldwide International Germany &Miss International World Germany it is a way for me to use my platform to give back. Funny story though, if it wasn’t for me doing hair I would have never entered the world of pageantry. I was working with HairBarNYc when they sent me aboard the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line to do hair for the contestants in the pagent last year. After working and being able to witness the process first hand, I knew I wanted to be on that stage. Also the multiple people asking me if I was one of the contestants. I met my now coach on board ship who is currently training me for my chance to compete on that very same ship next year !

Connect with her on or on Insta: @sabina.karac

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