Restoring Trust: How AssureShift is Keeping Customers from being Deceived by Fraudulent Relocation Companies.


AssureShift is an online platform that connects potential customers with trustworthy relocation companies by providing a list of verified firms using its state-of-the-art software to those who need it, regardless of their varying necessities and requirements.

Several struggles and issues plague the current urban relocation industry, the biggest of which is finding trustworthy and reliable packers and movers. The entire sector is disorganized, brimming with fraudulent firms that, more often than not, defraud customers in the name of cheap services.

The deeper we explored the depths of the industry, the more we realised how disorganised it was,” says Debendra Prasad, Co-Founder, AssureShift.

Debendra Prasad and Juby John, the Co-founders of AssureShift, recognised the need for an authoritative platform that could verify relocation companies and alleviate some of the pain customers face. The result; AssureShift.

The organisation has been quietly reshaping the urban relocation industry in India for over half a decade. Since its inception in early 2016, AssureShift has expanded to more than 25 cities across the country, with further expansion plans in the works.

While the company has firmly planted itself in the market, it was not an easy start as AssureShift had to overcome many challenges right in the beginning. The first was digitising an outdated industry, and the second was the actual verification of the relocation firms. It was pretty challenging initially, admits Debendra Prasad, as they had to personally visit each packer and mover and verify their credibility by checking their credentials, office space, work history, and other details.

On the digitisation front, AssureShift became a pioneer. It deployed state-of-the-art software to analyse the customer’s shifting needs and recommend the most relevant & trustworthy moving company.

Since its inception, the organisation has become an industry juggernaut, rapidly expanding to more than 25 major cities in the country while boasting thousands of successful & problem-free relocations with over 600 verified firms on board.

“We moved into Pune and Hyderabad after the first three months of launching operations in Bangalore. A few months later, we expanded into Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. Within a year, AssureShift achieved over 3800+ successful relocations, and now, that number has surpassed 42,000,” says Juby John.

The company accredits its growth and retention of customers to its exemplary customer service, with its dedicated customer support arm helping people with instant and effective responses. This became more evident during the pandemic, which shook the entire industry.

With most of its partners shutting down operations during the lockdown, AssureShift had to divert additional resources to connect most customers to the few operational service providers across the country while making alternate arrangements for others.

While AssureShift has come a long way, it is only getting into its stride. The organisation has a massive expansion in the works, the launch of which is imminent. It intends to be an end-to-end home solutions provider for services like interior designing, plumbing, carpentry, electricians or even cleaning and restoration.

A massive undertaking, but one that Debendra Prasad feels is achievable. If its journey until now is any indication, AssureShift will surely be able to surpass its own expectations.

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