Real Story: Sandeep Kaur was the Bombshell Bandit, one of America’s biggest bank robbers.

Simran Kaur

Born in Chandigarh, she moved to the US where her father was a taxi driver.

She started as a nurse but soon, got into a gambling addiction. She finally tried robbing banks as a way to get out of debt!

Kangana Ranaut’s Simran is based on the story of jailed Indian American bank robber Sandeep Kaur.

Sandeep Kaur’s childhood – she moved to the US from Punjab with her parents when she was seven – is sadly rather stereotypical of the West’s view of Indian families. A strict and broken household with her parents privately divorced (they pretended all was well in public functions), Sandeep and her siblings were brought up on severe physical punishments and a ban on mobile phones, televisions and friends. And after 9/11, Sandeep’s feeling of alienation grew with racial tension escalating in school.

Read the full story here.

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