Artist RATNA VIRA: The BRILLIANT self-taught Indian artist to watch out for! (Also a celebrated author!)


This self-taught artist is slowly becoming the darling of art critics and collectors around the world!

Anything is a canvas for the artist Ratna Vira. Bottles, Canvas, even disposable plastic sheets!

Ratna Vira’s introduction to art was more as a calming tool than an intended action. During a few months of stress, her daughter Suhasini Vira – handed her a coloring book – and invited her to give it a go.

That chance moment has now turned Ratna into a celebrated artist, with paintings hanging in homes around the world.

“I was going through a series of statues in life, I was caught up in a bitter legal fight and would get very And I was quite traumatized by it. But more importantly, I was worried and I would get emotional, between court dates,” says Ratna Vira.

“Anyone who has fought or been part of a legal battle would completely understand that, it just seems endless. It just seems so extremely difficult and you feel that you’re up against the odds, which I was in my case So it was my daughter who came to me with a paintbrush, and her school art book and set up we are going to paint. And I had absolutly no idea about art or painting. I’ve never, you know, after school, I looked at art material, or even lifted a brush”.

But Suhasini encouraged Ratna Vira to try. And suddenly – not only was it a stress reliever – she became amazingly good artist! And her daughter jokingly complains that Ratna is “outstripping her”!

Maybe it was the art, or destiny – but Ratna Vira won the court case. And art became her faithful companion.

Ratna has a varied art style, influenced by her circumstances. She is currently fascinated by faces.

“I’m fascinated by faces”, says Ratna Vira. “I’ve always thought that a face tells your whole story. The eyes don’t lie. You know, you can actually get a glimpse of their soul, a peep into their soul.”

Ratna’s process for painting is to use her dining table. She also is constantly experimenting and trying out new techniques.

“I also use a lot of recycled items”, says Ratna Vira. “So for instance, you know, fabric made out of PET bottles, plastic bottles, recycled plastic bottles, is something that I’ve been exploring. Someone commissioned a Mother Teresa on it, and initially, I was sceptical, but it really came out well.”

Ratna is also converting waste plastic sheets into works of art.

For the future Ratna believes she can ride both the world’s of art and publishing. Choosing one, when there is an artists block on the other!

Ratna Vira is a celebrated author with three bestsellers: Daughter by Court Order, Why People Give and It’s Not About You. She is a graduate of The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and St. Stephens College, New Delhi. After a career where Ratna Vira worked at the CXO level in multinational and leading Indian corporates, she turned to writing fiction in English, with her work highlighting issues of deep social concern. Her first book, Daughter By Court Order, was a national bestseller, reaching 4th in the Indian fiction lists in 2014, and it was featured in The New York Times. Contact Ratna Vira on her website.

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