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Raddhika Singh: Joins as Global Intellectual Property Editor

Raddhika Singh

A first generation lawyer and entrepreneur, who hails from a family with four generations in the Indian Army and who dared to dream about having her own law firm and made it happen. In India, it is an uphill task for a first generation lawyer to adorn the hat of an entrepreneur… but as I am told by my family and friends, I am a person who has the power and ability to realize my dreams and make them a reality.  

My tryst with law started when I started reading books authored by John Grisham especially “The Runaway jury” and “The Pelican Brief”. I loved watching television shows that solved murder mysteries while I was growing up. I was captivated by the way lawyer’s were portrayed, the role they played in delivering justice and the mannerisms of a Lawyer while arguing in court. I was often told by family and friends that since I was out spoken, loved talking and had a flair for putting my points across, I would make a very good lawyer.

I was interested in pursuing law right after graduating in History Hons from Hindu College and gave the entrance exam and got through law at Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University. When I started attending my classes I was fascinated by two subjects Criminal law and Intellectual Property rights. I was most passionate about Intellectual Property as it related to protection of creations of the mind and specially Copyright law as it dealt with issues pertaining to rights of authors, lyricist, artists, films and music rights and I was clear that I would like to be an Intellectual Property Lawyer. The first challenge I faced in pursuing my dream was when I was in my final year and despite my high percentage I didn’t get placement with a Tier 1 law firm. I was very disappointed and saw this disappointment as an opportunity to pursue my Masters and was fortunate to get through King’s College London.

Raddhika Singh is one of India’s best Intellectual Property lawyers

The decision to pursue my Masters was a turning point in my life and my career. I chose to pursue my Masters as I was clear that I wanted to start my own law firm in the future and doing Masters from such a reputed university would give me a competitive advantage. It was a life changing experience, I not only grew professionally but also as a person. Pursuing my LLM from Kings College gave me the advantage to be taught by the brightest minds in the legal fraternity from across the globe, to compete with students from various countries and also to hone my oratory skills. My ability to think out of the box, present my views with clarity and confidence, hold my own in front of lawyers from across the globe are all results of my decision to pursue my LLM. These skill sets played a very significant role in developing my career. Personally, I learnt how to be independent and self-reliant. It was an enriching experience as I forged friendships of a lifetime with students from diverse countries and cultures.

Raddhika Singh has global experience

Upon completing my Masters, I got a placement with one of India’s leading IP Law Firms and from then there was no turning back. For 8 years I worked with India’s Tier 1 law firms and garnered a lot of experience and acquired the necessary skill sets to start my own law firm. During my stint with the above law firms, what I enjoyed most was interacting with clients, understanding their business, developing and implementing strategies to protect, enforce and commercially utilize their IP assets. With this interest in mind, I took a leap of faith and founded “Aletheiaa Legal” an Intellectual Property & Commercial Law Firm in August, 2014 with just 3 clients who were my family and friends. The biggest challenge before me was to run a law firm all by myself.  With hard work, dedication, passion for my work and spirit to succeed today Aletheiaa Legal has over 200+ clients. In the journey of the last 6 years the firm has advised several individuals, startups, government organizations, multinational companies across India, US, UK, Hongkong, Australia, Korea, Japan, Dubai, Europe. One of the biggest highlights during my entrepreneurial journey was when we were approached by a leading Indian author to negotiate contracts on her behalf with 3 leading film productions houses of India who were making films based on her books.

Raddhika Singh

The second big achievement was when we were approached by an Indian content company who launched a health channel in India to draft all their contracts to safeguard their IP ownership in the content and draft disclaimers for all the shows. We have till date trained approx. 5000 people on matters pertaining to IP laws, Information Technology and Prevention of Sexual Harassment.

In my free time, I am passionate about singing, learning different forms of dancing, travel, sketching cartoons and playing the drums.

My moto in life is “Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams…have the faith, courage and conviction to make them a reality… because if you have the ability to see those dreams …you have the ability and capability to achieve them”.

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