POETRY that will help you TIDE over STRESSFUL times!


An Introspective Affair is a stunning collection of poetry by Namita Bhaladhare, an author of three picture books. She illustrates this book and explores the journey of who we are as human beings. This book is therapeutic in nature. It asks us to reflect on the idea of self and asks us to show more courage in listening to their inner voices. As we moves through it’s pages reflecting on self-love – it asks to us stay vulnerable to life and love. It propels us to hate ourselves a little less and like a tired bird seeking valediction it ask us to come back home to our own self.

As we move to another chapter we meet the creator it shows how ingrained He is in our blood, and He wants us to choose him over this world. It asks us to go on an adulterous relationship with the divine and unite many paradoxes within us. It moves on to cover elements of nature reminding us of the passing nature of things.

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It asks us to re-look at guilt and our loyalty to pain and how we often choose it over healing. It goes on to explore the intricacies of the mind and explains how we all are constantly manifesting our future consciously or unconsciously. It asks us to feel our emotions and treat our mind like a sanctuary and use our imagination to relief ourselves of everyday stress. It dives deep into our social life and show us how fake it can be. To wrap it all up it ends by talking about the recyclable nature of love. How it is born in one heart and swiftly moves from one heart to another just like the wind.

Broken heart,
Restore your faith back,
Apologize for trusting too much or too little, Forgive,
These days hearts are too weak and crowded,
And they have no time for love,
Healing these days is wrapped in self-care, self-hug, and silent self-reflection,
Let's take a coffee break and move to another chapter,
"And I am so sorry to have hurt you!”

From: An Introspective Affair

This book shapes understanding of this world through interaction with internal and external environments. It tries to make sense of our lives. It distills worldview and beliefs into its core components. It explores how interconnected these components are to each other like a web. It asks readers to re-looks at each of them and uncover the area that we might consider strengthening to improve our life experience. is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations – India’s smartest public relations firm!

Each chapter sets to heal the different aspects of our being. This book surely leaves readers with a sense of wanting more. Healing the parts we didn’t know required healing in the first place. It passes like fresh air yet feels like home we always knew existed.

Namita Bhaladhare is a writer from Mumbai. A graduate from the prestigious London School of Economics, she is exploring the world within through her writing for the last 9 years. Author of 3 books she has also contributed ‘Pocketful O’ Stories 2: #Loveimpromtwo’, a Penguin bestselling series by Durjoy Dutta. Her picture books are the first of their kind without a typical beginning, a middle, and an end. The best part of these books is that it lets reader make their own version of it! Get her book, An Introspective Affair on Amazon!

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