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Diwali Care for Pets

By: Lopa Saikia

Taking care of my dogs during Diwali, are something beyond a connection and cuddles. It goes beyond the necessity of food, water and shelter. Though we share a deep connection, I also have the need for them to be independent.

They are not formally trained, but these are things which they pick up from one another. I have taught them to be fearless especially when it comes to sound.

Bella, my 6 years old kid had cluster epilepsy and it was important for me to take extra care for her during Diwali or whenever there are larger sounds be in any occasions or things!

Bella and Chocko

Dogs hear nearly as twice as many frequencies as humans. They may not understand each and everything we say but pays attention to similar to the ways we do.

Dogs hearing range is much better than humans.

Many of the famous dog behaviorist talks about sound neutralizing while they grow up. Research tells us if you are able to sound neutralize them at a young age , they are less scared with high pitch and loud noises. Choko, my elder one is not scared at all, she happily watches fire -crackers bursting sitting in the balcony. The other two has picked up the same behavior and are not scared at all now.

But for many other frightened or traumatized animals or pets, Diwali is basically like a terror attack. They don’t understand the context or comprehend for this sudden madness of sound for breaking their calm.

Some dogs develop a permanent sound phobia or excessive fear of loud noises if they are exposed to fireworks. This condition leads dogs to irrationally hide from people, urinate, defecate, drool, pant and develop separation anxiety. The ones on the street obviously have it worse – they often run helter-skelter in panic and meet accidents. Even the ones indoors are terrified. There are several cases of pet dogs, for example, running away from their homes out of panic, and never being able to find the way back to their families.

Signs of a scared dog.

What to do during Diwali

There is an easy way to ensure that the festival of Diwali is not such a harrowing affair for animals – not bursting crackers, and actively discouraging others from doing so. But since empathy for animals – and choking levels of air pollution – is not reason enough to convince people against bursting crackers, here are a few things one can do to make animals around us a little less petrified on Diwali.

First, please stay with your pets. For traumatized pets it gets petrifying when their humans are not around. However, please do not overdo by excessively cuddling your pets where they bound to get more hassled. Please make sure the doors and gates of the house is shut. Please ensure your pets and community dogs are on collar and has a name tag with mobile numbers.

Keep those cuties close and safe!

In case you are traveling alone and traveling with your pet is not an option, I suggest that you keep them with someone who already knows about the behavior or medical conditions if any of your dog. In case, you are dropping them at a boarding centre , please check thoroughly about the safety and emergency medical help. In case , they are going to a boarding for the first time please socialize them with the caretakers of the boarding. Please do not make plans in a hurry.

For the strays it is a good and noble idea to open up the gates of ones society or parking lots where they can find their safety. This helps in avoiding the risk of injuries or accidents.

Please finish the feeding and their walks before peak time. It will not be a good idea to take them out during peak hours.

Sensitize people – especially those who are outdoors like security guards and street vendors – to keep an eye out for those who may throw crackers at animals.

It is also important to educate children. Most children are brought up with a sense of entitlement when it comes to animals. If you see a young child chasing an animal with a cracker or throwing one at it, stop them immediately.

Keep the numbers of vets and NGO’s (for strays) handy.

We spoke to Dr Nandini MK, Veterinary Physician of My Pets Choice, Bangalore on emergency medical aid at home.

Nandini is a Consultant at My Pet’s Choice The Companion Animal Clinic HSR Layout Bangalore – one of Bangalore’s best doctors for pets.

In case of fire cracker burn or injuries : For any kind of injury caused by firecracker , please wash the wound with room temperature water. If there is a burn in the eye or around the eye, please wash with saline water. If the wound is very deep , please cover it with sterile bandage till your reach your vet for further treatment and course of antibiotics. Aloe vera gel can be applied on burn wounds.

For Dogs with Epilepsy : The sound of crackers may aggravate Epilepsy. For emergency, you can have Diazepam injection at home. If Epilepsy aggravates this can be administered rectally. The regular course of medication needs to be continued as prescribed.

Most important: We have over playful dogs and some of them have a habit of picking up stuff from the road. There are residues of burnt crackers on the road and in case you pet or community dog eats those it can burn their mouth or face. In such cases rush them immediately to the vet.

Lopa Saikia loves her furry friends!

If they ingest unused crackers (toxic chemicals, dyes and heavy metals) it can lead to gastrointestinal signs like vomiting, loose motion some times with blood, seizures, Acute kidney failure and jaundice depending on type and quantity of cracker ingested. Please keep an eye on your beloved!

Lastly in order to keep them calmer you can use anti- anxiety medication post vet consultation only.

Remember , you and your veterinarian are the best friends to your beloved companion. Please take care of them as they always do.

Happy Diwali to you and your pets!

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Lopa Saikia is the founder and owner of PawbarPawbar is a pet studio and host pets’ for short and long stays. Pawbar as a concept was created with the mission to offer the best in class service in terms of grooming and stay, yet affordable.

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