PAUL DUPUIS: This Guinness Record Holder, KARATE Black Belt & CEO has ideas about LEADERSHIP, you NEED to hear!

Paul Dupuis: The E5 movement

Paul Dupuis crashed into a parked car and was thrown into the snow. He was twelve and delivering newspapers. But it taught him a thing about discipline. He realized people depended on him. And he couldn’t fail them.

So he got up, got on his cycle, and continued on. Delivering. And made pocket money doing it.

But his lessons started young, with his father and ice hockey lessons.

The E5 Movement: Leadership through the rule of Five: Watch Paul Dupuis on YouTube

“I grew up playing ice hockey,” says Paul Dupuis, CEO Randstad. “And that’s where I really learned a lot of lessons about leadership along the way. And you can see, I learned the importance of bouncing back, experiencing the joy of winning, but also the agony of losing.”

Always the one to take an opportunity Paul, and wanting to see the world he landed in Japan with USD 300 in his pocket – and slept the first two nights on park benches!

Paul Dupuis: The E5 movement
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In Japan he learned Japanese and got his third degree black – the first non-Japanese to achieve that rank within that community.

“I learned about the approach to leadership in Japan, which is really about no news is good news,” says Paul Dupuis. “So when the leader speaks to you, it’s usually to come and give you advice on how to improve.”

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But he did not stop there. Paul Dupuis has a strong urge to do good, not just for himself or his family – but also to the world. Which led him to his experiences in Cambodia.

“I was training in white Thai kickboxing in Thailand and on a whim my friend said ‘hey, why don’t we head over to Cambodia?’ I knew nothing about Cambodia,” remembers Paul Dupuis. “I fell in love with Cambodia, I got involved with various volunteering organizations eventually with the Canadian NGO called Hope International, which is about sustainable development, and I eventually became the Chairman of Hope. And I traveled to Cambodia regularly visiting our water projects and our microcredit projects.”

He came to India, years later – and even while CEO of Randstad (India) continued to do good – supporting the Ice hockey team in Leh – and creating Guinness a world record while doing it.

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He has crystallized his multi geographical and multi role experiences into a book on leadership: The E5 Movement: Leadership through the rule of Five

It’s a leadership model built in the spirit of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, learning from leaders like Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic who put ’empathy’ and ‘enable’ at the core of his leadership approach.

And Jack Welch with his 3E’s, who then inspired Bob McDonald at P&G to craft his own version of the 5E’s, to Jim Collins who shared his version of Level 5 Leadership in the book, ‘Good to Great’, with execution at the core.

Paul Dupuis is a fitness lover!

The E5 Movement is a call to action to all leaders, globally, to lead with impact. The five Es are: envision; express; excite; enable; execute. These five rules of leadership are both timeless and borderless. The real-life anecdotes, combined with the conversational tone of the book, make this an accessible and impactful read. Thought-provoking and practical, this book will inspire leaders to think about their own leadership, adopting the five Es on their mission to lead their teams to excellence.

The International Edition: Click Here to Order on Amazon

“The first E is envision the exceptional leaders that I’ve observed that I’ve studied over history that I’ve worked with, as well all focus on purpose, they focus on the why rather than what the what is an outcome of having the right why the right people, the right culture, the right tools, and so on” says Paul Dupuis.

“A compelling vision that touches the hearts and the minds. And then it’s about expressing that vision is where a lot of leader’s struggle, taking that leader that that vision outside the door to the team expressing it in a way they can digest it.”

“And that’s where the omnichannel approach to expression comes, we learn a lot from marketing, I talk about that in the book, there’s a lot of how-to in there, then people start to get excited. And this is a moment of truth, as any leader knows when people start leaning in and asking how can I be part of this, I have an idea. You know, and they really want to step up and take action. That’s an exciting moment. And that’s also the moment where the leader needs to shift to the leader as an enabler and that’s the fourth E: providing the tools, the environment where people can shine. And finally, the ultimate measurement of leadership, let’s face it, it’s execution, bringing that vision to life. measurable outcomes So the five is all about that.”

Pick your five and join the movement!

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