ONE Advertising – the creative force behind Divya Bhaskar’s Sachi Vaat Bedhadak campaign.


Sachi Vaat and Creativity Bedhadak – ONE Advertising and Communication Services Limited has become the talk of the town once again with Divya Bhaskar’s ‘Sachi Vaat, Bedhadak’ campaign. This campaign reflects Divya Bhaskar’s attitude towards journalism and ONE’s creative approach.   

Divya Bhaskar is one of the leading Gujarati newspapers because of its commitment to reporting the truth and raising important questions that impact our society. To celebrate two decades of this fearless journalism in Gujarat, Divya Bhaskar joined hands with One Advertising and Communication Services Limited. Talking more about this campaign, Shri Sanjeev Chauhan, COO, Divya Bhaskar Gujarat added, “For DB Group and its various publications, printing truth, reporting facts as it is and questioning the wrong is the paramount motto. It is one of the biggest reasons why we have emerged as one of the leading Gujarati Dailies in such a short time. To bring this spirit out, we needed a strategic and creative partner. We invited pitches from across the state and zeroed in on ONE because of their strategic clarity and disruptive creativity.”

Shedding more light on the creative approach, Ms Vibhuti Bhatt, Director of ONE added “Divya Bhaskar has always been a fearless daily. Its headlines have often created ripples in our society, forcing people to take notice and question things going around us. To do justice to this truthful and fearless journalistic spirit, we decided on taking its headlines and transforming them into thoughtful creativity. Truth is as fearless as a lion, like a torch it guides us all towards a better future and is an unbeatable fist that can unite and transform society. So, in the campaign, the headlines are reflected as a ferocious lion, a torch and a rebellious fist. The central idea for the campaign had to be naturally Sachi Vaat, Bedhadak. To make it more impactful, we have scaled up the campaign by 360o execution and making it engaging to establish 2-way communication with the audience. The prominent mediums for the campaign include Print, OOH, Social Media, Radio, Anthem, Internal Communication, Direct Mailers and others. “

Giving more insights into the working of Divya Bhaskar, the State Editor, Mr Devendra Bhatnagar added that, “Divya Bhaskar is renowned for reporting the truth. It has become our identity and we are proud of it. Sachi Vaat Bedhadak is what the people of Gujarat need and our promise is to deliver it every time. We also wish to say that Divya Bhaskar is not against any individual or organization. We are only with truth and will keep on bringing out the truth, fearlessly.”

The state has embraced this idea and has been appreciative of this campaign. It is receiving positive feedback from all corners. 

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