Now print a Dosa. Introducing “Dosa Printer”!


A device that creates the ideal dosa is now creating excitement among Dosa lovers around the world.

Using the Dosa maker you can choose from a variety of textures and “crispness” levels for your Dosa! You can also choose to make Dosa using different types of batter!

The Dosa Printer, a video of which has divided the Internet, seems to have taken people’s desire for crispy thin dosas a little too literally. As the name suggests, the device that resembles a generic printer prints paper-thin almost A-4 size sheets of dosa.

As per the brand’s website, this device named EC Flip is marketed as the ‘world’s first smart dosa maker’ and is priced at Rs 15,999.

Looking at the product’s advertisement, it appears that one just has to put dosa batter in the device and after punching some buttons to set the preferences (thickness, crispiness and the number of dosas), the machine gets to work and pushes out dosas, just like a printer gives out paper.

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