Naturals Salon to support Acid Attack Victims in partnership with Sheroes hangout.


Naturals, one of India’s No. 1 Beauty Salon Chains, and Sheroes Hangout, a cafe that empowers acid attack survivors, have come together to support Acid Attack survivors by training them to become beauticians, offering them employment in Naturals Salons and also equipping them to become entrepreneurs going forward. 

Setting the stage for this collaboration, the two entities signed an MOU on Aug. 8 at Lucknow in the presence of the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Brajesh Pathak. Envisioned in the social impact partnership are the co-location of Naturals Salon and Sheroes Café outlets, and training and employment of acid attack survivors by Naturals.

Shri Brajesh Pathak, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh, said: “The example of courage set by the girls of Sheroes today is being appreciated not only in the country but all over the world. By making every effort from the state government, employment will be created for acid attack survivors. The administration needs to show more strictness against such serious crimes and it needs to be ensured that criminals are put behind the bars.”

A Nail Art studio will be set up at Sheroes Hangout Cafe in Lucknow, which will provide an additional income stream for women who work at the cafe. In NCR, Naturals Salon and Sheroes Hangout will be established in a common location.

According to Mr CK Kumaravel, Co-founder & CEO, Naturals Salon will create a conducive work environment that will impart confidence to acid attack survivors. They will be encouraged to join Naturals Salons in any part of the country.

“Give the man a fish, help him to feed for one day, Teach the man how to fish, feed him for the rest of life. With this initiative, we are creating employment opportunities for survivors,” Mr. Kumaravel said.

Mr. Alok Dixit, Founder, Chhanv Foundation that runs Sheroes Cafe, said, “This is just the beginning, in the coming years, we will witness the empowerment of these victims who will prove that Disability is not an inability. Such initiatives are the result of 10 years of efforts and hopefully, we will be able to provide employment to more survivors.

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