MIG-21 pilot Flt. Lt. Aditya Raj Gupta was living his DREAM. After a flying injury, he has created an amazing miniature fleet of the IAF as jewellery!

Flt. Lt. Aditya Raj Gupta

The engines roared as Flt. Lt. Aditya Raj Gupta took off in his MIG – 21 on one morning of December 2010. It was supposed to be a routine air training exercise. To practice bombing, over the Pokhran Range.

But for this air warrior, it ended up being far from routine.

Hear the story of Flt.Lt. Aditya Raj Gupta

While on a dive to drop a bomb, Flt Lt. Gupta pulled out after dropping the bomb with High Gs which injured his lower spine. Which needed surgery and paralysis on his right leg – ending his flying career.

“A fighter pilot’s test is his range sortie’s score,” declares Flt. Lt. Gupta. “That’s what makes the difference between the boys and the men.”

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Doing well and getting a good score makes the event very competitive and exhilarating. In the momentum of this spirit, Flt. Lt. Gupta was pushing his already existing score to be the best in his squadron.

Jewellery by Flt. Lt. Aditya Raj Gupta

The pilots have to dive over the target and with very high speeds to place the aircraft on a particular spot in three-dimensional space to get the Bullseye on the target, that perfect hit.

Also available Jacket insignias

Its the accuracy that one can only dream to acquire. Your competitors are the best chosen from the best. The biggest pressure is your own mind and its control over your own body.

So in his dive towards the target, mental calculations told Flt. Lt. Gupta that his bomb might hit the target slightly ahead of the target tarnishing his otherwise perfect score.

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“I remained in the dive for a fraction of a second more and got the target. In the bargain, I went below the height to clear the debris hemisphere and pulled out of the dive with a higher G force than I should have.” he recalls.

Now, Flt. Lt. Gupta wants to have others dream about the Air Force. He has created a range of miniature Air Force fleet into jewelry! The range includes tie pins, cuff links & broaches. And for women, it includes rings, pendants and studs. They also have luggage tags and key chains!

In keeping with the Corona times, there are also super smart masks with aircraft insignia!

All proceeds of his sale go to help organizations that support the veterans and defense personal. A must-have if you are passionate about the Indian Air Force, flying, jewelry, or want to support our brave warriors!

You can reach Flt Lt. Aditya Raj Gupta at +91 73537 70562 or

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