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Meet the strongest girl in the North East: Suzie Basan!

0 met Suzie Basan, the STRONGEST woman in the North East!

Suzie Basan is the 1st Runner WF Asia Pacific 2019. She is also Ms. NE Body Building 2018. Also 1st Runner Up Ms India Fitness 2018

When Suzie got pregnant she was around 110kg.

After delivery she was still over weight, and everybody would laugh at her, she says.

In her words “they use to look down on me and laugh at me. So I challenged myself. I started jogging everyday till I lost weight. But that didn’t stop me. I opened up an aerobic class got lots of students. I feel really motivated seeing them. This is how my fitness journey started”

Her fitness routine includes cardio and abs in the morning. In the evening she does weight training.

“I divide my routine according with different body parts everyday and I workout for 2hrs”

Her diet is mostly green veggies, she says. But adds she does have “Chicken or fish and eggs and a little bit of rice. And my whey protein after the workout”

Her family?

“I am staying with my mom and dad …I have two daughters. One is 21 yrs old- studying dental in Bangalore and the other is 18 yrs old – in class 12 “

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