Meet the Sensational Kirsten Regalado: Fashion designer. Beauty Queen, Mentor & Inspirational Speaker.


By: Supermodel Sabina Karac

Kirsten Regalado is a World class International fashion designer & CEO, Miss Worldwide International. She is a Filipino-American, has a bachelors degree in Medical Technology, She is a fashion designer, a beauty queen, mentor, and an inspirational speaker.

Sabina Karac is a Queen representing Miss Worldwide International Germany. They met aboard the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line when she was working as a hairstylist for the contestants and has kickstarted her introduction into the pageant world. Kirsten is very passionate and dedicated to the work she does.

In one of the worlds longest running beauty pageants , Kirsten Regalado played an important part in dressing up delegates at Miss Universe.

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Kirsten has Dressed thousands of Beauty Queens and won Best in Evening Gown and National Costumes for many years .

Kirsten and her team has produced, for the past 10 years high end events and fashion shows. In one occasion ,she recalled , she dressed about 20 delegates competing in a pageant.

Kirsten’s range goes far beyond the pageant stage. Her popular clients included family members of the famed fashion house of GUCCI , ex NFL football player Jason Taylor, Nickelodeon’s Lilimar Hernandez as Sophie in the cable TV hit series Bella and the Bulldogs.

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She is happily married to Dr. Larry A. Regalado for 27 years and is blessed with a son, Michael John Regalado, who is a Bio Physics graduate and a recording artist.

Sabina Karac modelling for Kirsten Ragaldo

Where have your designs been showcased recently?

Kirsten Regalado: Among other places, I loved the vibe at the Miami Metropolitan Fashion Week and Miami Modest Fashion Week.

Sabina Karac
Kirsten Regalado designs.

What is your inspiration when designing?

Kirsten Regalado: My inspiration comes from firsthand experience traveling around the world and meeting people of different cultures. It also involves research. When I dressed Miss Iceland, I looked into Icelandic culture. I learned a lot about Bollywood culture when I made New York Times Best seller author Roshani’s gown. Nature is also a big inspiration, making sure I have a fresh mind for my designs.

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How has the pandemic affected your business?

Kirsten Regalado: I faced many challenges which I turned into positive results.I focus on the needs of the people and on the quality of our work. We support other businesses as well. These led to doubling my production in making custom made wardrobes and accessories. High demands in my business are wedding gowns. This pandemic made people aware to support made in USA products and it helped my business.

When & how did you start designing?

Kirsten Regalado: When I was a young girl, I dressed my friends in a mock pageant. I wrapped them with blankets, some crisscrossing sleeves, one-sided with floor-sweeping tail and line them one by one, let them go up on top of our bed and announced: candidate number one: Australia, candidate number two: Austria, candidate number three, Philippines and so on.

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Advice to those just now starting their own fashion lines?

Kirsten Regalado : You must have a dream, It’s okay to aspire for greater things. you must have perseverance , you must have passion, you have creativity and vision. But you must do it legally. You must be fair and in your dealings with all people. Make your clients happy and highlight their beauty.

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Tell us about all the numerous awards and achievements?

Kirsten Regalado: Community service is very important to me. When my husband and I were still in the Philippines, we were involved with medical outreach. I was the recipient of “Pagmamahal Award,” the highest award given to a wife of a physician by the Auxiliary to Philippine Medical Society. During my term as president, our team won recycling competitions, educating the public on the importance of taking care of the environment, and using eco-friendly designs. My team and I won the grand slam in community service and nutrition, Artist of the year award, I was the recipient of outstanding alumni award, NAFFAA Southern Leadership Conference Outstanding Citizen, Recently, Honored as one of the 75 most influential Filipinos in America as a fashion designer.

Describe the lesson our youth can learn from your life.

Kirsten Regalado: Miss worldwide International Incorporated, is an organization that offers mentorship for young women to develop their professional skills, including interviews and presenting themselves with poise. They become involved in unique experiences, such as multicultural shows that leave them empowered and inspired. We aim to create an environment of taking responsibility and being good role models. The life lessons we hope to impart to them are to be grateful, staying humble, and being of service to the community. We recognize young women for their accomplishments and mentor them to reach their goals and unleash their true potential while encouraging them to find their voice and make a difference and inspire others as well.

Do you see a mens line in the future?

Kirsten Regalado: Yes. I started eco friendly wardrobe that is comfortable, luxurious and many design choices without harming the environment. It is of botanic origin and animal free.

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Sabina Karac, is the global style editor for She is one of the world’s top hair and clothes stylists. Also a model. She can be reached at or on Insta: @sabina.karac. Comment below with your queries about hair and style, to have Sabina answer them for you.

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