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Order Manipuri Black Rice Fruit Cake


It’s almost time to welcome the new year – so, let’s begin with a Holiday Treat!

A healthy, flavourful and aromatic Manipur Black Rice Fruit Cake specially baked for Spirit of the Earth by @senthilkumarbalu .The Manipur black rice from #manjakkudi – Chak Hao Poireiton – has been used to created this delicious treat!

The Chak Hao rice varieties of Manipur have a deep purple hue, sweet fragrance and were reserved for community feasts and festivals! Rich in antioxidants, important fibre, mineral content and natural dexotifier, the black rice is considered a superfood.

A #limitededition (only 100 pieces are being carefully baked) each #fruitcake weighs approximately 400 gms and is priced at Rs.1100/- Call at 95000 82142 or email at to book your holiday treat. Pan-India delivery available!

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