Loris Diran: Changing menswear, one man at a time!

Loris Diran designer

Fashion designer Loris Diran has a career spanning decades, making a name for himself with one of the hottest and most successful menswear lines on the market.

Having done over 16 New York Fashion Week shows, his designs have vitality, creativity, and spunk. Loris has the ability to take a simple concept, using color, texture and shape, to turn an outfit into something that turns heads. His designs give men the character they need and the possibility of self expression, as opposed to wearing something dull, basic, and boring, allowing them to take pride in the way they’re attired.

Alexa Caroline Modugno caught up with the master designer.

Loris Diran

Growing up in New York City, his designs have an urban edge that make them distinguishable and unique, setting them apart from other labels out there. His spontaneity matched with his spot-on vision contributes to his astounding creativity and his ability to make clothes that both look good on , and are comfortable. Loris himself classifies his designs as being “a dialogue between Sartorial and Streetwear”. A recipient of the Fashion Group International “Rising Star” Award for Best Mens Designer, he continues to be an innovative trailblazer in the world of men’s fashion.

Loris Diran

Currently, he goes back and forth from the US to China, where he works as the creative director of LILANZ, which is a China-based fashion brand. Through his creative expertise and vision, the brand exceeds a revenue of over 70 million annually. Loris is able to use his knowledge of his success in his own line and be at the forefront at one of the most successful fashion brands internationally.

Loris possesses the spirit of a creative visionary and the mindset of a tycoon, which can be attributed to his enormous success that others would otherwise view as “luck”. With a positive mindset, he continues to grow and learn more about trends as fashion evolves and that’s what sets him apart, because he is able to adapt to different environments.

Loris Diran

Alexa Caroline Modugno: Do you think designing clothing for men is harder than designing clothing for women? And why did you want to design clothing for men as opposed to women? What drew you to menswear?

Loris Diran: I have always designed both men’s and Women’s, but have been a bit more heralded for menswear. I have a totally different process for each. Menswear requires how to newly interpret staples whereas women’s has no boundaries.

Alexa Caroline Modugno:Tell me about your beginning experiences working in fashion. What were some experiences that made you want to pursue a career in fashion that shaped your identity?

Loris Diran: I began sketching and studying art very young and was lucky enough to be in NYC most of my developmental years. It gave me access to all forms of arts education and, after a career performing on Broadway and film as a teen, I decided to go for my other love, which was fashion. Being a model opened doors in the 80’s and I worked for some of the best houses. It was an invaluable education and I cannot urge young people to put themselves to work in the business as soon as possible. Experience is the best teacher.

Loris Diram

Alexa Caroline Modugno: So I know you worked at Chanel. Stylistically, what did you learn from working there and how do you incorporate your exposure to the brand in your designs?

Loris Diran: Working for Chanel taught me the essential elements of what makes a top tier luxury line and inspired my first efforts as an eponymous brand.
It’s easier to start a collection at the top of the aspirational chain and work downward from there to a more accessible line. No one forgets where you began in this business. Chanel can make chewing gum, and still maintain its cache through a century of branding ingeniously.

One of the collections by Loris Diran

Alexa Caroline Modugno: What classifies good style?

Loris Diran: Good style begins with the wearer being comfortable and confident in his own skin. It is only then that one can take on extra layers that signify one’s individuality precisely.

Loris Diram

Alexa Caroline Modugno: Tell me about the trend of “metro-sexuality”. Is it still a thing anymore?

Loris Diran: I don’t think so… with the heralding of GENDER NEUTRALITY, a unisexuality has replaced that antiquated concept

Alexa Caroline Modugno: Is fashion as cut-throat as they say? What are some experiences you had that made you reassess your creative vision.

Loris Diran: Well, I had always been open and excited about everyone in this industry, but the years have brought me the wisdom to discern between who I can bring into my circle and who should be kept at professional arms length. That came from seeing who supported your vision, even during your lesser career periods.

Loris Diram

How were you able to market your brand into a huge success? What methods did you use? Before the internet and social media.

I opened just as the social media world was emerging and it was an enormous tool. We were still hand delivering artisanal show invites to Anna Wintour back then, but found a more direct line of communication through the internet. That was even more true with the consumer that would discover your collections online. It opened doors that would’ve taken years to get into otherwise.

Loris Diran

Tell me about your involvement in NYFW and how it impacted your brand.

Back then, the best way to start was to create a presentation at a venue during NYFW. Ruth at the FASHION CALENDAR was the angel that guided young upstarts into that event with a $275 listing on the official calendar and advice as to when and where was best to do so. Nowadays, the CFDA has monopolized that calendar and doesn’t nurture talent equally. You are either on their radar or you don’t exist. It’s a sad loss for young talent. I achieved international attention and was welcomed wholeheartedly before CFDA and It propelled my brand and my ambition, as well as brought me extremely lucrative collaborations globally.

Loris Diran

What’s some advice you can give to people who want to have their own fashion lines and be successful at it.

Begin small and concise. You don’t need to be everything to everybody.
If you can only afford to make only 4 looks, make them extremely focused in detail and lifestyle message. It is essential that you get your vision in front of people in the industry.

Loris Diran

Any regrets or things you wish you could’ve done better?

I only wish that I had the courage to start my own business sooner…. But I believe I made up for lost time.

Alexa Caroline Modugno is the US Consulting Associate Editor. An NYU graduate, she was a viola performance major with a minor in French studies. She currently also works as an arts journalist and culture editor of Frontrunner Magazine where she has interviewed and featured many prominent figures in the arts, film and music world. She also has an active role in the film scene, working as an actress for several indie films and has been a Q&A moderator, film judge and presenter for Winter Film Awards and Chelsea Film Festival. More about her here.

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