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Effective Communication Tips By Lord Hanuman!

In Valmiki Ramayana, the famous Indian epic, a fascinating story about the components of ‘successful communication’ is recounted. Hanuman meets Lord Rama and Lakshmana in the forests for the first time in the Ramayana and announces himself and his master Sugriva. Lord Rama admires Hanuman’s communication ability after being impressed with the manner he communicated. Lord Rama outlines the main components of Hanuman’s communication skills that pleased him most in the 4 or 5 slokas. Read this education news article to find what those 7 effective communication tips from our Indian Mythology were.

Effective Communication Tips By Lord Hanuman

1. नूनं व्याकरणं कृत्स्नमनेन बहुधा श्रुतम्।

बहु व्याहरताऽनेन न किञ्चिदपशब्दितम् ।।4.3.29।।

Surely, he seems to have studied well the whole of grammar, for there is not a single mispronunciation in his entire speech

He spoke without any grammatical errors and not a single word was amiss of verbiage and he spoke briefly, clearly, and without ambiguity.

2. न मुखे नेत्रयोर्वापि ललाटे च भ्रुवोस्तथा।

अन्येष्वपि च गात्रेषु दोषस्संविदितः क्वचित् ।।4.3.30।।

No fault can be found in his face, eyes, forehead, eyebrows, or any other part of his body (during his expression)”

He had the right and pleasant expression on his face when he communicated.

3. अविस्तरमसन्दिग्धमविलम्बितमद्रुतम्।

उरस्थं कण्ठगं वाक्यं वर्तते मध्यमे स्वरे ।।4.3.31।।

“His sentences are not too elaborate, not ambiguous, not dragging, not fast, raised in the chest or throat, in a medium tone.”

Hanuman only said a few words. It should not be excessively lengthy or short. He only spoke up when it was necessary. He spoke in a medium tone that the other person can hear. Not overly loud or weak.

4. संस्कारक्रमसम्पन्नामद्रुतामविलम्बिताम्।

उच्चारयति कल्याणीं वाचं हृदयहारिणीम् ।।4.3.32।।

“His words are auspicious. They are refined. Neither fast nor slow, his utterances captivate the heart.”

He only used appropriate words that could not be replaced with another. His word pronunciation was correct. The way he said the words were more like music, and it was soothing.

All The Tips At A Glance

  1. It is preferable to speak in short bursts. It should not be too long or too short, and you should only speak at the required level.
  1. Speak in a clear and unambiguous manner.
  1. Make sure you don’t make any grammatical mistakes while you speak.
  1. Use only acceptable terms that can’t be replaced with something else.
  1. Usually speak in a medium tone that the other person can hear. Your voice should not be too loud or weak.
  1. Your word pronunciation should be perfect. The way you say the words should sound like music and be enjoyable.
  1. All of your words should be directed right to the heart.

Enrich Your Day-to-Day Lives With Effective Communication

So these were all the effective communication tips unknowingly provided by Hanuman which impressed Rama deeply and that can be adapted and learned by anyone for better and clear communication in their daily lives. Follow Atharva Marcom’s YouTube Channel for more interesting and insightful stories and education PR articles on a plethora of topics and join us on a voyage of exploring and learning about India’s intriguing rich heritage and culture.

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