IPM India Raises a Toast to Superlative Mothers this Mother’s Day!!


IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited (‘IPM India’) salutes the trailblazing power of motherhood this Mother’s Day. Various independent studies have supported that woman are magnificent multi-taskers and mothers who are also working take it a notch higher where they balance their families along with their professional pursuits which such effortlessness.

In the spirit of the transformation journey at IPM India, one of the pivots is to constantly try and figure out ways to enhance and empower mothers to punch their optimum weight by balancing that delicate part of being responsible and delivering at work as well as taking care of their families. In order to support mothers to balance their personal and professional lives, the company introduced the Circle In platform. This platform supports employees with caregiving responsibilities and supports parents at each stage of their parenthood journey. Further, the company provides a mother’s room at office and through its child-care support program, employees are provided with a creche fee reimbursement option.

Sharing his perspective, Alexander Reisch, Managing Director, IPM India said – “An inclusive and diverse fabric is a compelling business advantage – is a recorded trajectory of the corporate world. At IPM India, our journey to transform ‘inside out and outside in’ pivots at continuous efforts at increasing different shades of diversity; generational, cultural and gender. We recently reached 37% representation of women in the workforce and now we are closing towards our target of 40% by 2022, and proud to say that a significant part of this number are mothers – super achievers in every right! Their sense of balance, prioritisation, tenacity, perseverance and dedication is unparalleled. They are in the front and centre of our organisation as are they to their families! Hats off! As we move ahead, it will be essential for organizations to take a strategic approach towards inclusion, to enable the eclectic talent force to bring their whole selves to work and spur innovation.”

Further, Jasneet Kaur, Director People & Culture said “Flexibility at work has always been our key priority in supporting working mothers especially post-pandemic. We feel that it enables them to decide convenient working hours which in turn help them better manage work and balance their time. Past few years have been challenging for all mothers professionally — owing to this, we have been more intentional in crafting policies and programs that help support them in balancing their drive at work and at home. Working mothers bring a very different perspective to the floor and provide innovative solutions to their teams. Their ‘Mom-Skills’ like patience, empathy, efficiency and multi-tasking help guide their teams better and take up leadership roles further benefitting the overall work environment.”

On Mother’s Day, supermoms of IPM India, shared their experiences of balancing their motherhood along with following their professional dreams at the same time.

Shivani Pal, Transform & Org. Effectiveness Manager, People & Culture said– “It’s been a wonderful experience for me, as a working mom, at IPM India. From empathetic leaders and co-workers to a global & local women’s inspiration network, to support services like a mother’s room at the workplace, a lot of work-place enablers have helped me balance my motherhood and professional journey.

Riminpreet Sodhi, Manager Brand Innovation, Marketing said – “In the first quarter of 2021 I returned to work as a new mom with a very young child. I was very excited to join back work but was also fully aware of the challenging task that lay ahead of me to try and balance both home and office work. This journey has been made smoother by various initiatives & policies that IPM India has provided. The foremost being flexibility and smart work. As an employee you are given the freedom to choose your core working hours. In addition, you can choose the days you would like to come into office – giving you the opportunity to excel both in boardroom discussions and home duties. There are multiple forums wherein you can learn from other colleagues’ life experiences and implement what suits your lifestyle for instance, Women Inspiration Network (WIN). Various benefits like crèche facilities are reimbursable. Last but not the least I was also assigned a mom buddy with whom I could have an open conversations with & learn from her experiences. “

Sneha Bedi, Administrator, Legal said, “When I joined IPM India as a mother of an 18-month-old boy, the circumstances at that point were quite overwhelming as I needed to prove myself as a professional in my new space, whilst looking after my little one’s upbringing. However, all fears & stress vanished when I experienced IPM India as an employee centric company with respect to its work culture & policies (Creche reimbursement, Flexible working hours & easy leaves availing options.) This really worked for me as a backbone to integrate a balance between office & home. Neither did I miss out on opportunities at work nor did my child feel my absence; in my experience, such support is much needed for a working mother and goes to show the DNA of an organization and lengthens the stay of an employee.

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