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Beginners Guide To Being “That Influencer”

So you’d like to be a well-known social media influencer? Join the 3.6 billion people who use glamour PR and social media on a global scale. Who wouldn’t want to make a living unboxing electronic goods, sharing beauty secrets with nearly 40 million Instagram users, or performing “The Renegade” on TikTok? Or, even better, make $1.27 million for just one sponsored Instagram post? The enticement is genuine. To be more specific, the thing with glamor news is that where there is fame, there are fans, and where there are fans, there is money. Sometimes there is a lot of money involved. So, how can you become viral on social media?

You can’t rely on a lucky viral video to launch your social media career as the social media sphere becomes increasingly congested. A better bet is to pave your path to a social media influencer business through clever, calculated business tactics. Continue reading to find out how.

The Recipe To Becoming An Influencer

  1. Creating a hashtag strategy

Using relevant hashtags increases the visibility of your content and helps drive people to it, resulting in more views, likes, and shares. Finding the appropriate ones that fit your content and engage users is the key. Paying attention to what hashtags influencers in your particular niche have selected and are using is a fantastic place to start when determining which hashtags are beneficial. With several free hashtag generators available online, you may even develop new ones for your own unique audience niche or uncover already produced excellent hashtags with research tools.

  1. Having a Tagging strategy

When you tag an account, business, or people in a post or remark, your post or content will likely reach a larger audience. It not only expands the reach of the content, but it also improves engagement. Users, brands, and other influencers in your niche can interact with you on Instagram when you practice tagging them in your posts, mentioning, or tagging them in comments. These figures are critical to your overall platform performance. Mentions and tags, such as hashtags for campaigns, assist influencers in determining who is following and sharing their content.

  1. Monitoring and Analyzing

A pro tip that many top of the pack influencers optimize all of the time is analyzing and understanding the attributes of why some content or post did better than others. These days doing this has become easier as with Instagram business accounts you can see what demographic follows you or engages with you quite frequently, what content or topic is doing better, and every piece of analytics associated with your account. Testing what works for you, monitoring it, and analyzing it is very important if you want to have a strong social media game as a recognized influencer.

Case Studies Of A Few Best Influencers

Now that we have taken a look at some tips to amp up your social media influencer marketing, here are a few examples of glamor PR and one of the best unique self-made brands and influencers who made it to the big leagues using such tips and understanding what worked for them at the right time.

  • Toys and Me: Tiana Wilson

Toys and Me is a YouTuber, toy reviewer, and social media sensation having millions of followers and an unrivaled brand identity and its face and personality is Tiana Wilson. She has had numerous creative brand deals over the years. One such successful one would be when she set up an office in ASDA as her room and broadcasted it as if she was in her room for a while and then suddenly opened the curtains surprising everyone with a view of the whole ASDA retail store saying everyone could buy things that were in her room acquiring mass engagement for ASDA and herself.

  • The Yacht Guy

In the superyacht sector, Alex Jimenez, nicknamed The Yacht Guy, has garnered quite a following. From leading a normal life to networking among UHNW individuals and touring the world, Alex has established a lifestyle for himself that many people only dream of by leveraging the power of social media and networking. He started by reviewing superyacht businesses and now is working with many luxury superyacht names by reviewing them on youtube and sharing his experiences with his followers. Now the top yacht companies showcase or launch their brand and services to the world through Alex.

  • Super Blondie

Alex Hirschi, aka Supercar Blondie, is an Australian influencer who became the world’s most recognized female car YouTuber after breaking into the industry. She delivers true insights into a variety of supercars, and she prefers limited-edition supercars, Rolls-Royces, Porsches, and other automobiles with distinctive and unusual features and designs. Automotive brands such as Bugatti and Ferrari use Hirschi’s presence on social media to promote their products. She even got to drive the original Batmobile from the feature film Batman(1989)!

  • Baddie Winkle: An 93-year-old Influencer

She’s claimed “stealing your man” since 1928, has her own Sephora beauty line, 3 million Instagram followers, and Rihanna and Miley Cyrus as her fans. Helen Ruth Van Winkle rose to fame in 2014 after becoming an internet celebrity. With her vibrant, wacky, and unique attire and ‘no f**ks given’ attitude, Baddie Winkle seized social media by storm. Baddiewinkle is also a great-grandmother, and she wrote a book called Baddiewinkle’s Guide to Life when she was 88 years old. By offering relevant content and spreading the idea that age is just a number, she has become a sensation and an inspiration to many individuals.

How To Make Money and Earn As An Influencer

Influencers can earn money on Instagram in a variety of ways depending on their distinct brand of Instagram content, their audience, and their degree of commitment. Here are some of the most common ways to earn as an influencer on social media:

  • Sponsored posts for brands looking to reach out to a wider audience.
  • Making money as an affiliate by selling other brands’ products and earning a commission.
  • Using adverts to monetize their movies and content
  • Another approach to make money with Instagram is to go live with badges.
  • Making a tangible or digital product and selling it, or providing a paid service.
  • Licensing their photos and videos.
  • Using strong content to attract people.

Influencer Marketing In China

Co-creating products with a brand and being commercially driven are one of the most utilized strategies in China one of the many reasons why China is so ahead in influencer marketing than the rest of the world. So influencers there are not just amplifying, they actually have their own product line with brands wherein they work with a specific supplier to design a limited edition product. As they are involved in the creative process of developing the product from the beginning, they engage with the audience about the product on a much better level resulting in bigger returns.

  • Case Study of Becky Li: Sold 100 minis in 5 minutes on WeChat

Becky Li, the journalist turned fashion blogger, is China’s digital influencer who is famed for selling 100 Mini Copper Cars in 5 minutes on the WeChat blog. The people there call such people as KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and the following of some of these individuals is enormous even though influencers in China are less in number but those who are significantly bigger and its almost like fan worship because of the way they connect with their followers.

Review and Refine Your Strategy 

With all of these new strategies and ways of influencer marketing, youtube is still relevant as it has evergreen content appealing to different demographics at different time periods. You can start small and go directly on Instagram or Linkedin after doing your research but there are also much quicker ways to do that through influencer platforms such as Takumi, Open Influence, Onalytica, etc, which are great places for you to find glamor news and influencers and they even tell you where those are located, what their follower base is like, what their interests are, etc.

There are lots of influencers these days who can also be called thought leaders and they could be speakers, authors, technical and academic experts, beauty and fashion bloggers, and a lot more, who really understand their niche and audience. One last thing to remember is that it’s not always about numbers of followers, rather it’s about relevance and the engagement within that niche. We hope that this enlightened you about the whole scene of influencer marketing in today’s world and if you want more insights on the same then a good book recommendation would be ‘Influencer Marketing Strategy’ by Gordon Glenister which teaches you the easiest and quickest way. Thank You!

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