How YOGA kept Soha Ali Khan FIT during pregnancy!

Soha Ali Khan

From the The Health Tips Podcast.

Hi Soha and welcome to show Health Tips Podcast, it’s wonderful having you and talking about Yoga. Let’s start by telling us your journey from LSE to being a banker and to being into acting – I mean quite a varied range.

Soha Ali Khan: That’s true! Its been quite varied. Its been quite a few years since I graduated from London School of Economics – it was in 2001 but at that point I think I was just interested in education. I had studied history for my undergraduate degree. I wanted to continue studying so what better course to do than international relations which is really just international politics and learn about what’s happening currently in the world and I’m so glad I did that because I still have an interest in world politics. After that I think it was just me putting off joining the real world and finding a job.

Would it you put on the spot to ask you where politics is going right now?

Soha Ali Khan: I was just writing actually because as you know I’m expecting my first child and in one of the baby books it says you know to write down about current world headers when your baby was born and as I was writing some of them down I was feeling a little concerned about the direction that the world is heading in.

It is very interesting when I was there, we were talking about things like the clash of civilizations and the western world versus Islamic world, the Cold War had ended. You know the third world didn’t exist anymore. The second one didn’t exist anymore.

So the things that are happening now with Brexit and American politics and the reverberations across the world a very interesting. And of course, we have a prime minister who has a lot of personality, and everyone has an opinion as well on him and elections will be coming up again in a couple of years so I’m very intrigued to know where politics and the economy is headed and especially when it comes to my investments. I’m very conservative when it comes to investments. I have invested in the economy and I’d really want to know what’s going to happen.

From there to acting so how did the whole thing happen – the transition.

Soha Ali Khan: The transition was you know a lot of people feel I think if you have a member of your family or a parent who has been in “Bollywood”, that it’s the natural thing to do. And a lot of people do tend to follow that path.

But it was something that I consciously rebelled against for a long time. I had been offered films from the age of 16, and I sort of rolled my eyes and said that this is not the right career choice for me.

But having said that and I think when I moved to Mumbai because I grew up in Delhi and lived in Delhi. But after studying at the LSE, and working with CitiGroup – my job was in Bandra Kurla complex here in Mumbai and I think I’ve been to the city and being exposed to you know the seduction of Bollywood it’s a difficult temptation to resist. And at that point – and as someone who’d always enjoyed doing theatre, I thought if I do 1 film just for the experience

I mean who doesn’t want to be you know hero in one film – I thought let me try one and let’s see how it goes. And then I did one and then I did another and it’s sort of been 13 years and I still do take as one at a time.

You’re pregnant and love yoga and I know you’re quite loyal to it so did you try all other that things and why yoga and how’s the experience being held and also doing yoga with pregnancy how does that work?

Soha Ali Khan: I have always been actually very interested in fitness. And in being both physically, emotionally and mentally fit. Having you know stability in my life. Being happy. And I found that getting some form of exercise always makes you happy.

It makes you more relaxed had to sleep better I’ve tried everything because I just like being active so I do play badminton also. I think it’s always nice to play a sport.

But it’s difficult in our current lifestyles to find a partner who’s available and free then to book a court all of that can be problematic so the logistics of playing the sport can be difficult especially if it’s a team sport.

Going to the gym is also something I do but again it can get a little repetitive, monotonous and boring and also it is a particular form of exercise which only does so much.

It’s really very satisfying mentally, spiritually and it really heals you not only on the outside but also on the inside.

Soha ALI KHAN talking about YOGA

Again you’re dependent on machines, your dependent on trainers, you’re dependent on gym membership sometimes they shut on certain days for maintenance so the weather’s bad to do cant end up going.

Yoga is something I feel that is so well of course if you do it properly and you have to be instructed properly first, if you’re not already. But once you all and once you do know a certain basic level of yoga you can do it wherever you all you don’t require anything any accessories it’s just you’re using your own body weight and it’s really very satisfying mentally, spiritually and it really heals you not only on the outside but also on the inside.

And often when you have an injury or you have an ailment they might ask you not to work out. But Yoga tends to also kill a lot of the ailments so that’s why I have been doing yoga for about 5 or 6 years now.

I started much before I became pregnant and I do know that when you become pregnant they see if you have been physically fit you can continue whatever exercise regimen you’ve been following right up until you deliver I mean I’m due in a matter of hours I think!

Rupal Sidhpura Faria is the celebrity fitness trainer, who the stars trust!

I did yoga yesterday with Rupal Sidhpura, who is my instructor. We’ve been working together now for 5 months and I really recommend it to anyone whether you’re pregnant or not pregnant but certainly when you’re pregnant I think that it is something that is safe – we are sometimes not allowed to sometimes lift heavy weights.

Some people who are not used to jogging or doing high impact exercise tend to avoid it when they’re pregnant as well. So this is something that would work on your flexibility which is important for delivery. It works on your core strength, stamina, it works on your mental focus and all the things that you will depend on when you actually go through labour and delivery as well as keep you fit and help you work towards that so I think it’s wonderful.

Part 2 coming soon!

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