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How to manage mental health in the second COVID wave!


By: Reena J Singh

We all heard a lot about mental health in the last few months, but it’s not at all a new thing, it was always there. It’s all about how you perceive things and face them, whether it’s related to your professional life and/or personal life. Generally, people refuse to accept or share their personal issues, which is fine. But it doesn’t help, it won’t resolve on its own. Sometimes we just have to be strong enough, and fight within. Just defeat your insecurities, demeaning thoughts, and all the negativities inside you. If you don’t feel strong every day, its ok! It’s normal. Every day something new can inspire you, a small thought or idea or action can change the course of your day. Just give it a push, no matter how down you feel.

Superfit Reena J Singh

Does it sound so difficult? No! But the person, who is going through with this, will find it so difficult, as everyone is not in the same shoe. So we have to find our kind of solution. Sometimes you came across people around you, can also be a healer. You just have to recognize that angel of your life; it can be a friend, a guardian, mentor, parents, brother/sister, or god itself. 

Let’s see how we can work on various common issues of our lives:

Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiya: A large number of people have the same problem.

 If you are one of them, then first diagnose the main problem, what is pulling you down. And think, what will work for you:

  • time to update/upgrade your skills
  • time to change the organization, you are working with
  • time to control your expenses
  • time to find multiple ways of earning

Sasural Genda Phool:

whether it is your love marriage or an arranged one. In marriage two different personalities try to work out their relationship together. They both are from a different world because their upbringings are different; they are keeping different values and principles. We just need to accept the fact, that we are not the same, that acceptance makes everything easier. If you find someone in the family who is just an alien for you, you just not able to match the vibes, there is no harm to keep a distance and try to understand him/her first, before imposing your thoughts/ values on him/her. Try to watch movies/series together, you will get to know their choices and know more about each other. Please don’t participate in the debates with the person, don’t make it more difficult for the person to gel in.

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Gabbar The Boss:

it can also be a big reason, whatever you do, your boss just doesn’t like it. He/she feels you are good for nothing, whether you are giving your 200% or not. See this is very basic. Again, we all are different personalities in the whole world. Sometimes we find it difficult to manage our own kids, who are being brought up with same love and values, but still they are so different from each other, having same blood running in. In such situations, try to remember your own elder brother and/or sister, who always showed us that they are superior to us. The person next to our position, they feel they are smarter, that’s why they are at their place. That sounds a valid reason too. Just let them feel the same. Try to understand their choices, and their way of working will help you to understand/meet the expectations. Life is beyond this all, life is not meant to waste it on such pity issues. Be thankful, that you have a job; you have an earning source, for you and your family. Be thankful for every single breath, you are taking. Your annoying boss doesn’t deserve that much of room in your thoughts; life is much more than that. is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations – India’s smartest public relations firm!

Pehla Pehla Pyar:

Nowadays, teenagers think everything so deeply. At this age, they are just forming their personalities, and we as parent, have to be more considerate in this time. They kept observing you from their childhood, but they will reflect their traits at this age only. If they will see harmony, love, and respect for each other in the family, they will be more comfortable to share their feelings with you. If the atmosphere in the family is just opposite to this, they will try to find out love and affection from the world out there. As I mentioned if they have never seen harmony and love in their whole life, they don’t even know what it is actually. An emotionally broken kid can’t differentiate between real love and any fake love trap. This is the reason, sometimes that early birds’ affection makes them confused with love and they start taking so much stress; they are afraid of rejections, and not even able to handle the rejection too.

Do not be a helicopter parent, make them feel that you trust them, and then they will think twice to break your trust. If they tell you that they are in love, do not say this, you do not know what love is? Listen to them, make them comfortable, and tell them not to be in hurry to choose their soul mates, give time and see how things take place in your life.


If you are in your 50s or 60s and reading this article, I want to tell you this, if your children do not want to be with you anymore, then it’s their loss, not yours.

* Try not to be dependent on anyone. Please save your money for your selves too.

* Please don’t put yourself in baghban situation, just be with your spouse and set an example of an ideal married couple to the next generations too.

 * If your children and you are having a difference of opinions, See, disagreements in the families are as normal as any other things. Please do not think like; they are not obedient, or they don’t want you in their lives anymore. Respect their opinions too, as they are respecting yours.

* Don’t compare yourself to their spouse. Every person has a different place in our lives.

* Try to spend more time with your family; and please do not preach in front of your kids.

And this one is for everyone-our happiness is within, it’s not based on others’ actions or words. Stop expecting happiness from others, we couldn’t even meet our expectations from ourselves, how can any other person fulfill it, whether he/she is trying it in every possible way or not.

 Rishto ki Nazuk si Dor:

I feel, we as a generation are having a weak threshold. We all loosen up our patience so easily. Should I say this, that western culture is making a big impact on us? Or should I say it’s not about culture, it’s about; how are we behaving, reacting/responding, and perceiving the other person’s thoughts/mindset.

In my opinion, trust and respect for each other is the key to sustain any relationship. We all say we are so busy, hardly get time for each other. No time for conversation and communication now. Everything is just robotic and we are left with end-to-end questions only. So, how are you taking care of your and your soul mate’s emotions? if you and your spouse don’t get time for each other, how do you manage your time for the third person in your life then?  And taking so much stress; to hide things, spending your money on gifts and dates, and manage your time and work. Isn’t it funny? It means; you need that teenagers ‘ pehla pehle pyar wali feeling. Why don’t you manage to love the same person again and again? You will remain at peace. Sounds difficult? But trust me easier and better than the other one.

And if you are not able to stay with that very person, then better to let him/her know the fact and then decide. If you really want to be in a healthy relationship then try to spend time with each other.

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Do not behave like, we are together for XYZ years; now we have nothing to discuss. Relationship needs freshness. No one likes stale food, right! Better to start putting efforts into that same person, why wasting it here and there.

Couples does it so often, please stop being judgmental. I personally find it so funny, when you started knowing each other, you just try to read the expression (and maybe you are right, you can gauge their inner thoughts), and start fighting for these silly assumptions. Why don’t we respect that silence, what other person chose to be and trying to make peace? Do not take anything for granted.

We humans are full of flaws, this is normal. Nothing is perfect, so please stop pretending to be perfect, it’s ok to be imperfect.  You can love someone, and still choose to say goodbye to them.  You can miss a person every day, and still be glad that they are no longer in your life. In any relationship, both the companions need to be willingly together, with the open arms of  acceptance, with all the flaws too. Because when you are in love, you don’t see flaws, you just dive in the pure love.

Health is Wealth: Well! This one is my favorite. We have heard this phrase so many times, since our childhood. Still we fail to understand this. A bad health can badly ruin your mental health too.

Nowadays Schools and colleges are very active in sports and physical education. Now the question is; are those school activities enough for your whole life? In our childhood, we have energy and time, when we are young we money and energy, but we hardly get time. When we are in our 60’s we have lots of time, and may be money too, but left with no energy. Why are we our indulging in such habits and lifestyle? Whenever you fall sick, you don’t want to work, talk or go out and meet people. And this unproductive life can drag you to a depressed life.

On the other hand, if your health is good, you feel more energetic, positive, happy, strong and confident. I think it’s a very easy choice, choose wisely. Just be gentle with yourself.


  • Do yoga
  • Listen to soft music,
  • Try to meditate and chant Om”
  • Go for a walk (with music)
  • Hit the gym
  • Off to sleep
  • Watch any inspiring movie
  • Try to connect with your old friends and refresh  sweet old memories
  • Never forget your past success/ achievements
  • Try to remember, when you make your parents proud
  • Go for a break/holiday
  • Pamper yourself, may be a haircut or something


  • Do not listen sad songs
  • Do not gulp in whatever you see in the kitchen
  • Do not get drunk again and again
  • Don’t make calls and send messages in anger
  • Avoid toxic/negative people around you

Reena J Singh,33, is the founder of Otwo Gym – and the mother of a 7 year old daughter. Reach out to her at +91 124 4210499

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  1. Gr8 job..Reena you r such a very strong women and inspiration for many people. You have Good thoughts and perfect veiw of LIFE. Keep it up..

    1. Thanks for these beautiful words… indeed a motivation for me.

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