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How to Hope once again! Trust helps!

Hope and Trust
Hope and Trust

By: Olga Brooks

Not that long ago I was not a person who loved to ask “ Hi! How are you?”

This is just not my thing. I already know the answer, so why bother, right? It’s not that I am not a polite person. I just really hoped that a person would be willing to share something that can connect us. And I might have an open door to give many of my wisdoms if the solution is needed.

This is how I connect. Because let’s face it, we all look for advice on Google. And not once a day. Why not get it from a human who might have experienced the same thing or already has an answer to your dilemma. Right?

Olga Brooks

The best quote I had seen about this so far is this “Who needs google when I have my mom”.

Well times changed. Now I am asking people how they are doing because I would get a genuine answer of their well being. My whole attitude towards this polite and overused phrase for so many has totally changed the meaning for me.

One of my friends who lives in Canada just had a serious surgery. My other friend and her family got Covid positive and she herself was waiting for quite too long to get her test’s result back. So every day I would ask her how everything and everyone is. And with her not having any symptoms any longer we laugh it out and just trust that everything is ok.

To tell you more about her approach to the situation. She is from Iraq. Her ex husband who just had a major surgery in Turkey flew back to the US a few days later to her place. She said to me very seriously “We know what Covid is and we are ready to heal or die together. We didn’t know what we would die in Iraq. From a bomb or from ISIS.”

We know what Covid is and we are ready to heal or die together. We didn’t know what we would die in Iraq. From a bomb or from ISIS

Looking at my other friend who is recovering from her surgery. In these moments we don’t hope that everything is going to be ok. Here hope brings a feeling that things just might as well go wrong. In these moments we trust things are going well.

Isn’t this amazing how Hope gets in line behind Trust? Most people who commit a suicide lose hope. They are unable to shake themselves out of the belief that there is any hope for their stability in life. I am not going to go deep into this devastating occurrence for so many and many other reasons why people do it.

But I myself observed my thoughts and at first I found that hope is what people lose first before they choose to lose their lives. Is that the truth though? Do they really lose hope? Here is where Trust runs in front of Hope again. We lose trust that things will go well. Trust in ourselves first.

Then trust in Divine. Then trust in family and friends. Yes, it is true many times we don’t get support and this is where we lose hope as well. We lose hope when we wait and wait for too long and things don’t change. Things like finding a stable and fulfilling job. Where we would feel supported financially. When we have something wrong with our health we get tired of fighting with life. When relationships can not be mended any more and the heart is aching from pain. So many people went through a turmoil. Now whole countries are going through it as well.

I really have not planned to diminish Hope as we know it. But let’s just play this for a little bit longer. Answer this for yourself and see the difference. Do you hope or do you trust that your child will finish this challenging school year well? Do you hope or do you trust you will be able to find a job during these difficult times? Do you hope or do you trust you will stay healthy this year? Do you hope or do you trust that you will find ways to get through financial difficulties you might be facing right now?

Now if it happened that you had answered Hope for some of these questions, I would really encourage you to answer it again only using Trust in every of your answers. See what happens? Trust is so powerful, isn’t it? Next time you get to answer similar questions don’t go on autopilot to answer as usual “I hope so”.

Olga Brooks

Remember to use the “I trust so” answer and you might be surprised where this conversation might take you. You can say things like “ I trust I will sell this apartment soon. I trust my son will pull up his grades and finish this year strong. I trust my husband finds a new and a better job ”

“I Trust So”

Olga Brooks

But guess what happens when we lose trust? As soon as we get a glimpse of hope, trust returns as well. Isn’t this amazing? Would you call it a reversed psychology of sorts? Hope has been a great picker upper of your all hopes and dreams. It has been sung in songs.

But it appears that without trust hope, just stays a hope. Where trust can stay on its own without hoping. There is one more important quality that separates Trust from Hope.

Hope may as well disempower you as well. I had asked a friend of mine from Morocco who is my facial practitioner how is it going with his immigration papers and the difficulties he faces with his wife he separated from. “Is your wife going to do all the steps she said she will to get your legal status assured?” His answer was “I hope so.” And I knew he had little hope if none and was looking for alternatives. Do you see how hope can also be a no-hope.

Let’s zoom out now and see hope as a magic wand. Which in reality really is. You hope for something good to happen. You hope for something unexpected to happen. And hope is that magic that puts the fairy to work. So, for more magical experiences hope is a good tool to have. For a more grounding and realistic approach, “trust” is the one to assure that everything will work out for you.

Let’s try it on a bigger scale. I really don’t want to undermine Hope. It has its own qualities. I hope Covid will disappear into the thin air. See how magical that sounds? You only need to sway with your wand and spray with the pixy dust. Now say this. I trust Covid will disappear.

Then you will have to come up with your own theory how that will happen. And maybe using some hope in there as well. But do you see how magical Hope really is? Don’t we all need some magic? If you are searching for certainty, choose Trust. I trust the world will heal. This is my hope for humanity as well. Sprinkle some magic on top.

Next time you have a conversation with someone try to use “Trust” instead of Hope. In many cases you might even be helping a person to feel self pity about his or her situation by hoping things will work out. But when you bring certainty of trust you actually pour hope into the situation. Amazing isn’t it?

And I am going to finish this article with this last sentence.

I trust you liked this insight on how to use the Magic of “Hope” and the certainty of “Trust” in your next conversation with yourself and others!


Olga Brooks is a Sound Reiki healer, guide to shift feminine energy leading women to the harmony of self, an inspirational international bestselling author and one of the leaders of the global feminine movement “Women of contribution”. Olga is an actress from a young age in Russia improving her craft in the USA. Being a very artistic person she finds herself drawn to create art and music in collaboration with other talented people and on her own. Her amazing spiritual and personal abilities create magic in people’s lives. Her book is Notes to My Younger Self. Available on Amazon.

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