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Balance and Harmony

By: Olga Brooks

I love to take a closer look at some quotes. And not long ago I created my own. Here is how it goes “Balance is an essence of harmony. And only in harmony will you find true happiness!”

Olga Brooks

Due to English being my second language I had to double check myself if the meaning is truly correct. Even though I think and dream in English. I asked a friend what she thinks. Is balance an essence of harmony or is harmony an essence of balance? I for some reason was confused. Because the initial perfect thought was that by creating a balance in your life then for sure you will be able to experience harmony. And my friend, who is herself Israeli said it could be both. I left it as is.

But today I had really experienced what it really means to have harmony as the essence of balance.

What made me think about it is remembering how Shanda Sumpter, one of the very strong business coaches who I have high respect for, was talking in her FaceBook live video hat balance is an illusion. You can’t achieve it. And she is correct. You can’t create balance because life is life. We juggle so much, especially these days. You might feel balanced one day then the next day something challenging happens, like death in the family, illness, natural disaster, kids issues, parents issues. You never know. You can’t really bring that balance you had yesterday into this new situation.

Notes To My Younger Self
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So as Shanda said which sounded something like this, “Keep trying but what you will find is that it’s impossible to have this balance”. Unless you are a monk in a monastery, I agreed, thinking to myself. But doesn’t it seem logical that with a little bit of balance here. A little bit there. Creating stability in your life you can achieve it little by little. That’s what I thought. Until today I am telling you the opposite. If you are in harmony with self this is where balance is.

When you are under stress there is no way you create any balance until you take a big breath and decide to calm down and maybe try it again. Or try to find a solution. Or just take time for yourself and see how the action of others might shift things if the situation is not under your control. Because this is how we often think. If someone else has to make a decision then you feel hopeless and stress comes in like an old friend. It is so natural for us to follow that feeling. Overwhelm, projection of what if. How in a world can you create any balance in a fight or flight mode? You really can’t, until you create a harmony within.

You do know what flight and fight mode is, right?

According to Wikipedia. The fight-or-flight response (also called hyperarousal or the acute stress response) is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. It was first described by Walter Bradford Cannon. His theory states that animals react to threats with a general discharge of the sympathetic nervous system, preparing the animal for fighting or fleeing. More specifically, the adrenal medulla produces a hormonal cascade that results in the secretion of catecholamines, especially norepinephrine and epinephrine. The hormones estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol, as well as the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, also affect how organisms react to stress. The hormone osteocalcin might also play a part.

Dog and cat showing acute stress responses. This response is recognised as the first stage of the general adaptation syndrome that regulates stress responses among vertebrates and other organisms.

What is harmony though? We all know this word so well. But in reality we think harmony is an illusive state to be in while we try again and again to create balance. Not many people that we know of ever reached harmony. We all struggle with one thing or another. Health, finances, relationships, jobs, childhood experiences, dreadful memories. There are also stages in life that we go through. And those can be challenging as well.

Let’s for example look at relationships. People hope to find harmony in relationships. And that really doesn’t happen. In fact in many cases just the opposite.

Then we blame each other for not having love and peace even after we separate from the person. Similar happened to me, not once. First time in my divorce. And then in my next relationship. But believe it or not I had experienced harmony within both experiences. It was a time of learning more about myself through others behavior and choices.

I went very deep into knowing myself. That knowing all came down to love and acceptance of everything I had experienced. And the most important is acceptance of what I will still experience.

So what is harmony really? It is your inner state of being. It’s knowing that everything you are going through is just life to experience. I felt harmony being me even in pain. Observing it and just being there. Being me. The relationship didn’t last and brought an enormous amount of pain, insecuritiesI and dark moments.

There I was thinking how in a world can I ever create a balance, not even talking of harmony. And this is what happened. I created harmony first. And now in every day creating a balance based on the harmony within myself.

Creating harmony involves a complex process of looking at self first then at life and other people. Let’s look at life.

Let’s face it, life always has and will have its challenges. Just think about your today and how much you had to do and deal with. And even though the day always ends and everything we dealt with it.

Here is where the secret is though. The day itself is full of craziness if you look at it on a global scale as well. Just think about it. How many things are happening during the 24 hours in the world? The day is life itself. You are experiencing it. Things are happening and they don’t affect the day itself at all. Next day comes like nothing happened. And that is the harmony. The day isn’t afraid to start. And you as a person like the day. Things are happening but you remain. And that is already a harmony. Even though all the little and big pieces of the day were not in balance, the harmony of the day itself remains.

Can you be like the day? Because no matter what you will always be. You go on.

You might say it’s not that simple. And this is where harmony is. In the simplicity of the day. In the simplicity of you. In the beating of your heart. In knowing who you are.

See this is how it finally came to my understanding of balance. I already know harmony. The harmony within. You might still think that it’s just general words. But how do you feel it? When your heart, mind and body are aligned and don’t contradict one another. When you are able not to listen to your brain but the brain listens to you. Then your heart is at peace. Then your body functions in unison. I would encourage you to practice it in a moment. Be peaceful, be grounded, be you.


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Olga Brooks is a Sound Reiki healer, guide to shift feminine energy leading women to the harmony of self, an inspirational international bestselling author and one of the leaders of the global feminine movement “Women of contribution”. Olga is an actress from a young age in Russia improving her craft in the USA. Being a very artistic person she finds herself drawn to create art and music in collaboration with other talented people and on her own. Her amazing spiritual and personal abilities create magic in people’s lives. Her book is Notes to My Younger Self. Available on Amazon.

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