How to choose A HAIRSTYLE in a pandemic, that STUNS the world & UPLIFTS you!

Sabina Karac

By: Sabina Karac

Whats the right hairstyle in these times? No, I am not going to tell you about your skin tone and undertone or color of your veins for these colors and to choose your hairstyle. We have read those articles a 1000 times before and we’re over it. Been there, done that !

I am here to tell you that now in the times of a pandemic you need to color your hair whatever color or do whatever hairstyle you have always wanted to try ! The time is now ! God for bid it is not the one for you, no one will see you, and you were fine, but at least you tried the hairstyle you always wanted!

These are new times OK we are living in the moment now we are not promised tomorrow so if there’s a hair color or a hairstyle that I want to try you better believe I’ll be trying it !

Danielle loves the styling by Sabina Karac

Working as a Hairstylist right now I can tell you firsthand that business is absolutely booming people aren’t going anywhere, so in order to get out of the house they go and pamper themselves.

Ashley, and hundreds of others trust Sabina Karac

Or a majority of them are working from home and it have no limitations as to what color they can put on their head they don’t have to go into the office so if she wants pink hair you better believe she’s going to be sitting at her kitchen counter working from home, with her beautiful pink hair.

See, what we don’t completely realize is the fact that when women mess with their hair it’s actually a psychological thing. You know what
I’m talking about ! The typical girl that goes to the break up dies her hair red or someone that just completely chops their hair off looking for a big drastic change.

Often times in these situations people feel they have no control over their lives due to certain events in their life that they cannot control such as a pandemic right now, so what do they do ?! They go to the only form of control that they have which is over their hair. And let me tell you, it works! You feel so much better ,I feel like a different person you feel like you solved the problem.

Sabina Karac, is the global style editor for She is one of the world’s top hair and clothes stylists. Also a model. She can be reached at or on Insta: @sabina.karac. Comment below with your queries about hair and style, to have Sabina answer them for you.

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The Complete Guide to Tattoos! “It made me confident”

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