How to be your own Guru!


By: Olga Brooks

How do you think a guru becomes a guru? Was he or she born that way? With special knowledge and abilities to teach people what they know?
Well, I would take your arguments about abilities to teach. This one you have to love to do. With that love the abilities are already there. The art of it is the learning craft for the teacher. And the love for teaching is something you are born with. I can assure you of that. Any teachers reading this will not argue with my statement.

Olga Brook
Olga Brooks

Have you heard of this technique a lot of coaches pointing you to? If you decided to change a path in your carrier and really not sure what you would love to do to be fulfilled and happy with what you do. Here is the secret of your purpose. You should go back into your childhood and remember what it was you liked to do. And if you don’t really remember what was it that one thing you liked to do, think of what is that you did when you got home from school? Not counting playing games or watching a tv. What did you like to spend your free time of school doing?

Notes To My Younger Self
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It was funny when I did that exercise. My answer is this “When I would come home from school I would play school.” Even though I wasn’t that fond of school itself.

Thinking about my connection with teaching one interesting moment came to my memory. I was 19 years old at that time when I volunteered helping my high school teacher grading her students’s work. I was in a good relationship with her after I graduated school. I would take home a pile of notebooks and I would check spellings and I would grade them. This was a heaven for me. I would come home from work and work as a teacher. Why did I do that? I loved it. And I was helping my teacher who had about 36 students in one class and probably had a few more classes. It was not easy for her to grade them all for the next day. For me it was like a childhood dream come true.

Now it’s your turn, who did you want to be when you were a child?
And who are you now? This is just a fun exercise for you to figure out who you want to be when you grow up.

But seriously let’s talk about wisdom. Gurus are so great at explaining to us life and in all it’s depth. But did you know you have the space within you to fill that up and become as wise as the guru you know of? How you may ask? By being curious and adventurous. Isn’t that simple?

It’s never too late to get curious about many things

Olga Brooks

I will give you my own examples but would really like you to think about your own life. And the greatest thing what I am about to tell you is that it’s never too late to get curious about many things. About five years ago I impulsively decided I wanted to learn Hebrew language. I started it and I studied it for three years. My then husband was very frustrated and confused why in the world would I need it? In my own world I was just curious. In his world it didn’t make sense. Getting ourselves comfortable at the mediator’s office while going through our peaceful divorce, I had read a sign in Hebrew on her bookshelf and I said something like “I love Hebrew”. “Check”, I thought to myself. She will see me and like me. To my surprise my husband replied “Yes, she had learned it online. So very cool”. I almost rolled my eyes. But my point is, you never know how your knowledge can help you in life. No matter if it’s big or small. I had met many more people who spoke Hebrew and these connections were beautiful. Be aware when you do things impulsively. Sometimes it feels not wise and that it has no meaning. But in reality you are listening to your gut feeling or a gut brain before your brain’s logic kicks in.

You never know how your knowledge can help you in life. No matter if it’s big or small.

Olga Brooks

About the languages.
What I had learned being an immigrant while learning a new language to live and to work and to communicate on everyday bases. At school I had learned German. I won’t be able to communicate with you even on a primitive level. Yes, I know some words. Here is where I am going with it. And you who speak English or other languages plus your mother language can back me up here. It is a life learning process. Everyday you find you have learned something new. New word, new expression. Playing with words in other languages is very entertaining. The depth is there for you to explore new things. And share it with others when time comes.

Energies go both ways

Olga Brooks

Here is another story. I did end up working as a preschool teacher in the United States for four years before I had my own kids. Years later to help me to raise these two boys I signed them up for karate. Four years later I am myself owning an honorary black belt in Kenpo karate and I help my Sensei teach classes anytime he needs me to help him out. I was curious if I would be able to memorize all the forms. My brain was so scattered after five years of not sleeping bringing up babies. I was curious if I would be able to do the physical part of it with my stomach muscles separated and my constant sciatica pain I had for 5 years. Well, my curiosity paid off big time. By kicking a target I had strengthened my core muscle that my sciatica is a very rare occurrence, only in case of a heavy stress. My memory is so much better going over the forms over and over again while moving physically. My self esteem is way up that I can share it with you. My Sensei is proud of his student. And the energies go both ways.

Now why am I saying all of this to you? Here it goes. I so wish for you to be curious, spontaneous and yes even impulsive to learn new crazy things. To fill up the depth that is within you. So you can be the wisdom and help for others. That is the beauty of us humans.

There are different levels of our development. And even when you are old you are developing into a Guru. But only if you were curious enough. But please don’t start thinking that you are too old, or that you are a woman or a man to learn things that might even seem irrelevant. From these specific moments you create the magic of wisdom within yourself. No guru can create it for you. But you and only you when you decide to be curious and become a guru yourself. Be curious.

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Olga Brooks is a Sound Reiki healer, guide to shift feminine energy leading women to the harmony of self, an inspirational international bestselling author and one of the leaders of the global feminine movement “Women of contribution”. Olga is an actress from a young age in Russia improving her craft in the USA. Being a very artistic person she finds herself drawn to create art and music in collaboration with other talented people and on her own. Her amazing spiritual and personal abilities create magic in people’s lives. Her book is Notes to My Younger Self. Available on Amazon.

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