HOW pets can help you fight DEPRESSION, improved my MANNERS – and got me a better LOVE LIFE! My TRUE Story!

Lopa Saikia

By: Lopa Saikia

My life revolves around pets, given the fact that I have three dogs of my own and I run a pet studio and stay for living. I can’t think about a day living without them. Sometimes I have a minor panic attack even at the thought of it and then I spend hours together cuddling them to make ME feel better. I don’t understand what plays on their mind but for sure my kids (my mutts) must be thinking their mother is certainly not normal. I am sure all of the pet parents can relate to what I am saying. Do you it too right?

There is something always inherently lovable and endearing about them. While every day with a pet in our life’s is special, there are moments where you find yourself in an awkwardly situation, where they show off their most inconvenient attributes when we least expect it.

Choko is my 8 year old cocker spaniel and being the first child of the clan she is overtly pampered. So whenever somebody meets her for the first time she will walk up to them and jump around as if she was waiting for the person all throughout her life and her mother in worthless. This is followed by a high-pitched bark and continuous whining that could pass for a D Minor in singing.

Lopa Saikia with Choko

The person , baffled, continues coming to her to which she responds – “Got Treats”? Give them all to me NOW! Really? She had her surgery last year and for this reason my love and protective instinct has doubled for which she has taken the MOST undue advantage of.

All my friends do know how much I love her and I would raise a massive hysteria when she is not around. Dogs know it, right ?

The other is Bella, rescued Siberian husky and the classy one I have ever had. She’s younger and more trained. Trust me I can write a book on all their behavior but this one is epic.! Recently, one day the plumber came over and most unlikely of being Bella, she won’t leave him for a minute. I did have friends over when the plumber was home , which means that I had audience.

Lopa Saikia with Bella!

Not sure what went on to her, she would not stop sniffing and playing with his hairy feet ! Normally she wouldn’t do this, she would sit down and leave the people alone unlike choko. But I guess she couldn’t resist her fetish for feet that day.

I have mastered the art of saying “sorry “ endlessly, which will definitely helps me in my future relationship’s. When I call for a party at home, I would like to keep the house in order for us humans to have a conservation or a bit of human time. “Behave” is a word which is NOT found in their doggo dictionary. Be it jumping on my friends, drooling all over them, stealing food and barking continuously for attention. Well, I’d be sorry perpetually.

Lopa Saikia is learning to be more tolerant!

Being responsible pet parents, we do carry poop bags while we take them for walks. We meet people from different walks to life with their dogs, but there are times when you across that cute someone and really want to have a nice flirty conservation with.

This is the moment of truth where you find yourself literally holding a bag of poop. If that is not enough , they will make sure they poop right infront of them even it was done a minute ago. SIGH. I can see my crush going away.

Lopa Saikia feels pets can change anyone’s life!

While at work, I always have a group of pet parents talking about their kids. It sometimes feels like I am running a crèche for human kids and I end up jumping into a conversation tell a HILARIOUS story about something my kid did when people were clearly (most likely) talking about their human children.

I was once called by a friend for house warming party . That time I was hosting two very well trained rottweiler’s and since he was a pet lover too, I took the decision of taking them along.

Today Lopa Saikia is happier than ever before, and she credits her pets for it!

Cofi, the elder Rottweiler was a very handsome dog and extremely well behaved. His first reaction when we arrived to my friends place, was to head straight to his bedroom , jump on his new bed and pee at great length, something he has never done before.


Lopa Saikia is the founder and owner of Pawbar. Pawbar is a pet studio and host pets’ for short and long stays. Pawbar as a concept was created with the mission to offer the best in class service in terms of grooming and stay, yet affordable.

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