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By: Karnvir Mundrey, Editor,

In a candid and inspiring interview, Jorge A Plasencia, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Republic Havas Group, a global communications company providing marketing solutions in Creative, Media, Health & Wellness, and Experiences divisions, shares his remarkable journey from founding a small startup to establishing a global enterprise. With a passion for the craft and an unwavering dedication to client servicing, Plasencia’s entrepreneurial acumen has propelled Republic Havas to great heights over the past 17 years.

From humble beginnings to a global family

Jorge started from scratch in 2006 and embarked on an extraordinary journey that would lead them to form Republic Havas. “Despite the challenging timing, just before the recession hit, we navigated through the rough waters and witnessed substantial growth. We were passionate about we were doing. We were passionate about the craft. Today, we have incredible backing. I have colleagues around the world. We do projects around the world. I have a support of an incredible global family,” he says.

“Entrepreneurship is not easy and not for everyone,”

Jorge Placencia

Jorge credits their success to an unyielding focus on the end result and staying aligned with the evolving digital landscape. “Entrepreneurship is not easy and not for everyone,” Jorge says, reflecting on the lessons he has learned along the way. “The path of an entrepreneur provides unique perspectives, encouraging individuals to approach situations more nimbly. At Republic Havas we have consistently pushed boundaries, keeping our eyes firmly on what lies ahead,” he says.

Republic Havas Health: Fostering health equity

One of the most significant milestones in Republic Havas‘ journey is the remarkable growth of their health division. Having worked with pharmaceutical clients for several years, Jorge and his team identified an opportunity to make a substantial impact on health and wellness communication.
Last year, they launched ‘Republic Havas Health’ that customises health and wellness programs while prioritizing health equity. Ask him about their entry into the health sector without prior experience, Jorge recalls a pivotal moment from years ago. “We had the chance to pitch to a Pharma client, but we lacked experience in that field,” he explains. “In a bold move that impressed the clients, we included a pharmacist in our pitch team. This decision showcased our commitment to delivering what we promise,” he says.

The road ahead

As Republic Havas continues to expand its global reach, Jorge remains committed to fostering health equity and pushing the boundaries of innovation. The agency’s dedication to its craft, coupled with the ability to adapt to changing times, has positioned them as industry leaders.

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