Harappa conducts another behavior experiment, this time around appraisals, with their campaign RETHINK TARGETS, #RETHINKAPPRAISALS!!


Harappa, India’s leading online learning institute, conducted a behavioral experiment to explain why appraisals become a source of conflict, disagreement and disillusionment.

The experiment was conducted as part of Harappa Underground: Behavior experiments at the workplace.

Targets set by managers are key parameters to evaluate their teams, but they often lead to heartburn and heartbreak. However, 51% of employees feel that annual reviews are inaccurate and 70% of employees feel their boss’s expectations are unrealistic (Source: Globoforce). 40% of managers agree that targets are unrealistic and 43% believe that annual reviews are not the accurate measure of an employee’s performance (Source: Harappa Insights).

“The world of work has undergone one revolution after another. While so much has evolved, all of us still struggle with creating, and running, best-fit performance appraisal systems and processes that blend performance and potential, effort and outcome and individual evaluation and manager feedback. Disagreements and conflicts arise, year after year, on targets and expectations, and the way they get interpreted by each of us, our managers and the company. Our experiment confirms that it’s time to Rethink Targets, #RethinkAppraisals,” said Shreyasi Singh, Founder & CEO, Harappa.


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